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It's about one woman questioning herself, the world around her, and the difference between right and wrong. Instead of warping our minds with a new twist every week, Robert and Michelle King sparingly use scandalous events to make each twist substantial and full of impact.

As is done with the episode from last week, "Sticky Content". Many will leave this episode breathless from the momentous action that transpires in this single hour of television. The Kings hit us with several big plot turns, ones which fans have been anticipating for quite some time. In this area in particular, "Sticky Content" amazed me. Revealing that Peter has been sleeping with Ramona presents an interesting personal conflict for Alicia to struggle with in this episode.

The scene in which Alicia become privy to this information is a terrific scene; produced without a musical score to make the audience feel as spontaneously conflicted as Alicia, the scene smartly and realistically acted by Margulies. The first Alicia sees Peter and Ramona after learning of their affair is before the joint interview, which Alicia uses passive-aggressively to intimidate Ramona. My favorite thing about this episode is the reoccurrence of Alicia holding hands with Peter and then with Finn.

In the interview, Alicia puts her hand over Peter's, wedding band in the dead center of the frame, showing her control over the marriage and him, but when she goes to Finn for comfort, he takes her hand and covers the wedding ring, something which I interpreted as this relationship being unknown to Alicia, something that she has not mastered but will in the future.

The next day in the episode, Alicia confronts Peter and recites what will probably grow to be the line of the year, "Zip up your pants, shut your mouth, and stop banging the help. Peter Florrick is the worst. He's a despicable, lying man whose true colors were not only shed in the wake of the scandal inbut progressively this season since the "agreement" became active last year. Daenerys Emilia Clarke watched as the Masters pounded the city from their ships.

A nervous Tyrion Peter Dinklage tried to tell her that despite how things looked, the city was on the rise. Daenerys was keen to crucify the Masters and destroy their soldiers. Tyrion however managed to convince her to take a shot at diplomacy first an she met with the Masters.

They set out a list of terms of surrender and told her that her reign was over. She climbed onto his back and flew off toward the pyramid where her other two dragons finally broke free of the dungeon. As they took to the sky, the Dothraki army arrived and took on the Sons of the Harpy.

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In just a few minutes Daenerys had taken control back. Back at the meeting, Tyrion pointed out to the Masters that they had gone back on their pact. He suggests that one of the three must die. As Grey Worm Jacob Anderson stepped forward two of them teamed up against the third. He knelt and Grey Worm sliced the throats of the other two with one deft move.

Phew, what an opening! Tyrion had met Theon previously and remembered him making fun of his height. It looks like Dany will finally head to Westeros, how can anyone be a match for her army and her dragons? Ramsay thanked Jon for returning Sansa, his beloved wife, and said he was a man of mercy and that there was no need for battle.

All Jon had to do was kneel before him. Jon agreed that there was no need for battle. Instead he proposed a 1v1 fight, him versus Ramsay to settle things. Instead he pointed out that he had a bigger army and would win on the battlefield. He also threatened the life of their brother, Rickon Art Parkinson. Sansa told Ramsay that he would die the next day and told him to sleep well before riding off. Ramsay told Jon his sister was a fine woman and looked forward to having her back in his bed.

Tormund was mostly concerned that Ramsay had a lot of horses. Jon suggested they dig trenches to combat this. Jon was frustrated and Sansa promised that if they lost she would not go back to Winterfell alive. Sansa said nobody could protect her or anyone else. Outside, Tormund said there was hope and suggested that Davos and he get drunk.

Sticky Content

Davos wanted to keep a clear head and went walking. He came across the site where Shireen Baratheon was burnt alive and discovered the wooden stag he had made for her. She said she would have to try and that it was up to the Lord of Light not herself. The next morning, the armies lined up opposite each other with Winterfell in the distance. Ramsay rode to the front of his army with Rickon on a rope.

He drew a dagger and a worried Jon watched helplessly. Instead of killing him there and then, Ramsay suggested a game, freed Rickon and told him to run to his brother.