Dating a broken girl

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dating a broken girl

The Unfortunate Status Of Broken Girls And The Only Way They Can Be one common issue: a troubled dating past and its long-term effects. She is a girl who gave him everything and got a broken heart in return. Don't even think of breaking her again. Girls are good at this. Expect her to also never fall in love with you, and become a person who is dating multiple people at once.(Updated.

He robbed her of her self-respect and self-love.

8 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl Who Had Her Heart Broken

She was left with nothing but the feeling of guilt. Show her that there is hope and prove to her that you are not like everybody else. Prove that you really care and be there for her when she needs you the most. She is going to back down if you try to move too fast. She has just had a huge trauma and it took her awhile to heal and to bounce back from it.

She probably has a plan B.

8 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Girl Who Had Her Heart Broken

She will overanalyze everything. She will second-guess your every decision like she second-guesses hers, too.

dating a broken girl

It will take her a while to realize that she was supposed to be treated like that from the beginning. The one before you made her that way. He gaslighted her and he turned her into an obedient puppet.

dating a broken girl

She always apologized to avoid fights he initiated. She is terrified of commitment. It reminds her of when she was trapped in a relationship that was killing her bit by bit.

See the beauty in her pain, in the cracks in her heart. Embrace and love each and every broken piece of her. She is bound to make mistakes, to do silly things. She will think with her heart;she will always have it as the first priority. Instead of judging her, love her and understand her heart.

Be patient with her. She will be selfish with her heart. Go slow with her heart. Teach it how to love and trust again. Take your time with her. Get to understand her heart, the beauty hidden in all the rebel of hurt and loss of trust.

dating a broken girl

All she needs is your love. All she needs is to know that you care. All she needs is your time.

You Should Date The Broken Girl

But give her your listening ear. Give her your shoulder to lean on whenever she feels overwhelmed. Let her always know that you will be there for her.

Be honest and true with her.

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Appreciate the the little things she does for you. Her faith in you. She will not run away in the face of adversity. She will not give up on you.

dating a broken girl

She has learned to fight through the bad stuff to reach the awaiting bliss. She understands some of the most hideous moments life has to offer. She has lived them.

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She is capable of finding light in the darkest of days. Each hug will be cherished. She will never let words be left unspoken. She understands how fleeting life can be.

dating a broken girl

You can talk and talk and talk; she will listen. She will listen because she knows how many times she wished someone would just listen to her. How she longed for someone to talk to.