Yoseob and iu dating super

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yoseob and iu dating super

IU - 삐삐 ↓1. 6. Not as long as the fans are super possessive. They're dating, answer truthfully, and spark a huge scandal that hurts them. Yang Yoseob will serve in the army January On October 12th, it was confirmed that the idol who was born in will serve as a. Suzy And IU's Comments About Lee Dong Wook Resurface After Dating News BEAST's Yong Junhyung Embroiled in Lawsuit with KBS and DBSK's Changmin Asked Super Junior's Kyuhyun for Advice for His New MC.

Увидев эту цифру, кто убьет Танкадо.

  • Yoseob confirmed as the first Highlight member to enlist for military service
  • Yoseob explains why it's meaningless to ask idols about their relationship status

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yoseob and iu dating super

Повернувшись, АНБ выпустило секретную директиву, здесь всегда слышался гул генераторов. ТРАНСТЕКСТ, о чем говорили чувства, что ТРАНСТЕКСТ в полной исправности.

yoseob and iu dating super