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Steve Krug, author of Don't Make Me Think! Advanced Common Sense sm is the online home of Web usability consultant and Hint: It's much easier than you' d think, as you can see in this video of a usabilty test that shows how I do them. Location of Sierra Leone (dark blue). – in Africa – in the African Union (light blue) – [Legend] . 10 See also; 11 References; 12 Bibliography Sierra Leone has a total area of 71, km2 (27, sq mi), divided into a land area of 71, The Kru predominate in the Kroubay neighbourhood in the capital Freetown. He co-writes the Jamaican script for the national television series "Me and Mi Kru ". He lives in Portmore, Jamaica and is also the creative entrepreneur behind.

I was into old hardcore, darkside, trying to do a properly dark record. Not this new, pumped up tech sound. I liked the old tunes, properly darkside like finding a body in a lift shaft: I want to go back to that hardcore era of darkside someday, which would be rugged, film samples just pitched up and down with strings. But the thing is, I had this bunch of tunes for my 2nd album that were dark tunes, and I just scrapped them. I took ages on them. I was worrying, because after my first album I felt a bit of pressure to follow it up.

I worked for hours on these tunes, and I was trying to learn these programmes. These tunes were darker, more technical, all the tunes sounded like some kind of weapon that was being taken apart and put back together again. But then I got sort of sick of them, because I spent so long on them, I was moody about other things.

So I wanted to make a glowing record, I wanted to cheer myself up.

Burial: Unedited Transcript - The Wire

Instead of doing those dark tunes that took ages and were really detailed, I wanted to make a record fast. Something warm, glowing, junglist and garagey. I was listening to these Guy Called Gerald tunes. I love those Foul Play and Omni Trio tunes where it was just the girl next door singing, So I got a lot of those quite low-quality vocals and started to pitch them up and down. You can do it really fast.

I sort of did the whole album in about two weeks. Most of it in the final week. When I made this a lot of things were wrong. I wanted to make a half euphoric record. That was an older thing that UK underground music used to have. I think that type of euphoria is a British thing, like UK tunes, old rave tunes used to be the masters of that, for a reason, to do with the rave, a half smile, half human endorphins and half something hypnotized by drugs.

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It was stolen from us and it never really came back. Old hardcore tunes would throw these sounds in, anything to create the rush, descent into another world, like Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London.

Certain tunes just nail that. So I had to do that, but have cut-up vocals and have that slinky bumping feel to it, and not get weighed down in big drums and the big snares.

The drums are more about trying to thread sounds and vocals together, they flicker across the surface of the tune, it circles around you, its not just chopping you up, its not about the sounds being big. Yeah, but you could learn! But things often sound sequenced when they are. It's detailed in a boring way. You can never get lost in it, you know where you are in most tunes, and that just takes away the only reason a tune should exist to me, I can't relate to grey music. Or something like Robert Hood, just pure presence, shark-like, elements woven together.

You can sense them sitting there rolling out the tune. Then a couple of sounds might come up, glow, the rest of them sink down and burn out. My tunes are a bit rubbish and messy but it's all I know. One day I want to make a tune people can have a dance to, I've tried. Yeah well I did. I'll leave those people to their internet or whatever. It lets randoms in. The tracks you made and discarded.

Sierra Leone

Do they still exist? I want to learn but its difficult, I've made mistakes. Next album maybe I'll gather my forces, make a true darkside Burial album.

Step up and do it. Thanks for saying that. I spend a lot of time wandering around London, I always have. Sometimes you get that feeling like a ghost touched your heart, like someone walks with you.

It's about being on a night bus, or with your mates, walking home across your city on your own late at night, or being in a situation with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or coming back from a club, or putting tunes on an falling asleep. If your well into tunes, your life starts to weave around them. If you alone could hear someone upset on the other side of the world, then maybe then you could do something about it.

But all it is just a fire light.

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You watch over your city or area at night, you see the distant lights, fires burning in other places. Angels are mentioned a few times on the album. You hope people are doing that with you as well. I hope most people can be like that, hold it together, I wanted this album to be for people in that situation.

It's easy to fall away and fuck up and for many people there's no safety net. Sometimes one tune can mean everything, it's like a talisman. The people on the album seem like wounded or mutilated angels: When you think of some of things people go through, everyday troubles, relationship things, other stuff.

Everyone knows those sorts of feelings. I wanted to do songs about that low-key stuff. Margai employed a brokerage style of politics, by sharing political power among political parties and interest groups; and with the powerful paramount chiefs in the provinces, most of whom were key allies of his government.

Me & Mi Kru

Soon after Albert Margai was sworn in as Prime Minister, he dismissed several senior government officials who had served under his elder brother Milton's government, viewing them as a threat to his administration, including Kareefa-Smart. Sir Albert resorted to increasingly authoritarian actions in response to protests and enacted several laws against the opposition All People's Congress APCwhilst attempting to establish a one-party state.

Accordingly, they began to consider Sir Albert a threat to the ruling houses across the country. Margai appointed many non-Creoles to the country's civil service in Freetownin an overall diversification of the civil service in the capital, which had been dominated by members of the Creole ethnic group.

As a result, Albert Margai became unpopular in the Creole community, many of whom had supported Sir Milton. Margai was accused of favoring members of his own Mende ethnic group for prominent positions. Inriots broke out in Freetown against Margai's policies; in response he declared a state of emergency across the country. Sir Albert was accused of corruption and of a policy of affirmative action in favor of his own Mende ethnic group. Stevens was sworn in as Prime Minister on 21 March Within hours after taking office, Stevens was ousted in a bloodless military coup led by Brigadier General David Lansanathe commander of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

He was a close ally of Albert Margai, who had appointed him to the position in Lansana placed Stevens under house arrest in Freetown and insisted that the determination of Prime Minister should await the election of the tribal representatives to the House.

Upon his release, Stevens went into exile in Guinea. They reinstated the constitution and returned power to Stevens, who at last assumed the office of Prime Minister. Stevens had campaigned on a platform of bringing the tribes together under socialist principles. Stevens began efforts that would later bridge the distance between the provinces and the city. Roads and hospitals were constructed in the provinces, and Paramount Chiefs and provincial peoples became a prominent force in Freetown.

Under pressure of several coup attempts, real or perceived, Stevens' rule grew more and more authoritarianand his relationship with some of his ardent supporters deteriorated. He removed the SLPP party from competitive politics in general elections, some believed, through the use of violence and intimidation.

After the return to civilian rule, by-elections were held beginning in autumn and an all-APC cabinet was appointed. Calm was not completely restored. In Novemberunrest in the provinces led Stevens to declare a state of emergency across the country. Many senior officers in the Sierra Leone Army were greatly disappointed with Stevens' policies and his handling of the Sierra Leone Military, but none could confront Stevens.

Brigadier General Bangura, who had reinstated Stevens as Prime Minister, was widely considered the only person who could control Stevens. The army was devoted to Bangura, and this made him potentially dangerous to Stevens. In JanuaryBangura was arrested and charged with conspiracy and plotting to commit a coup against the Stevens government. After a trial that lasted a few months, Bangura was convicted and sentenced to death.

watch me and mi kru online dating

On 29 MarchBrigadier Bangura was executed by hanging in Freetown. After the execution of Bangura, a group of soldiers loyal to the executed Brigadier Bangura held a mutiny in the capital Freetown and in some other parts of the country in opposition of Stevens' government. Dozens of soldiers were arrested and convicted by a court martial in Freetown for their participation in the mutiny against president Stevens. Among the soldiers arrested was a little known army Corporal Foday Sankoha strong supporter of Bangura.

In Aprila new republican constitution was adopted under which Stevens became president.

watch me and mi kru online dating

These problems became so severe that the SLPP boycotted the general election ; as a result the APC won 84 of the 85 elected seats. In midGuinean soldiers, requested by Stevens, were in the country to help maintain his hold on power as Stevens was a close ally of then Guinean president Ahmed Sekou Toure. In MarchStevens was elected without opposition for a second five-year term as president. On 19 July14 senior army and government officials including David Lansana, former cabinet minister Mohamed Sorie Forna father of writer Aminatta FornaBrigadier General Ibrahim Bash Taqi and Lieutenant Habib Lansana Kamara were executed after being convicted of allegedly attempting a coup to topple president Stevens' government.

Ina nationwide student demonstration against the government disrupted Sierra Leone politics. The demonstration was quickly put down by the army and Stevens' own personal Special Security Division SSD force, a heavily armed paramilitary force he had created to protect him and to maintain his hold on power. Inthe APC-dominant parliament approved a new constitution making the country a one-party state.

Stevens is generally criticised for dictatorial methods and government corruption, but on a positive note, he kept the country stable and from collapsing into civil war. Archaeologists have found that three major indigenous cultures lived in this territory, and reached their developmental peak before the first European contact.

Influence of Teotihuacan in northern Mexico peaked around AD and declined over the 8th to 10th centuries. When Europeans arrived in the Texas region, there were several races of Native peoples divided into many smaller tribes. At least one tribe of Coahuiltecans, the Aranama, lived in southern Texas.

This entire culture group, primarily centered in northeastern Mexico, is now extinct. It is difficult to say who lived in the northwestern region of the state originally. By the time the region came to be explored, it belonged to the fairly well-known Comanche, another Uto-Aztecan people who had transitioned into a powerful horse culture, but it is believed that they came later and did not live there during the 16th century.

It may have been claimed by several different peoples, including Uto-Aztecans, Athabaskans, or even Dhegihan Siouans. No culture was dominant in the present-day Texas region, and many peoples inhabited the area.