Vic and kellin dating advice

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vic and kellin dating advice

THEY ARE SO IN LOVE AND KELLIN'S WIFE/VIC'S GIRLFRIEND IS JUST A oml no no what stop vic is my baby and kellin cant be with him. Vic sighed knowing what Kellin was thinking; he was checking Oli, the waiter out. He wasn't, in-fact Oli was dating one of Vic's close friends Hannah and thanks for the advice 'bout Hannah” Vic nodded before watching Oli. Vic Fuentes/Kellin Quinn · Kellic - Relationship before he decided to never look for medical advice online again and had turned off his phone.

Kellin is high on pain meds after a hospital visit, and Vic never wants to let him out of his sight. His foot tapped nervously against the floor of the waiting room, and his lip was sore and chapped from chewing on it.

Can I see him? The nurse smiled sympathetically at him, her blonde hair pulled into a tight bun at the base of her head. Just so you know, we put him on some pretty strong pain medicine so you might want to watch him a bit more carefully for the next day or so.

His fears had been fuelled by a quick internet search, before he decided to never look for medical advice online again and had turned off his phone, leaving it in his jacket pocket. His clothes were creased from sleeping in one of the plastic chairs in the waiting room, and his hair was mussed from running his hands through it. Thanking the nurse, he hurried past and into room Vic held back a sob at the sight of Kellin — pale and fragile — lying in the bed, his dark hair tousled around his face.

A smile broke out over his face as he gazed up, his icy blue eyes heavily lidded. He drew the words out like taffy. Vic grinned, reaching over to push a strand of hair out of his eyes. He began to shake beneath the mound of blankets, and Vic leaned over, his brow furrowed.

Kellin shook with hysterical laughter, high pitched and adorable. Vic smiled down at him, unable to see the humour in the situation but glad that Kellin was happy — and a little amused by his drug addled boyfriend. Vic caught him and put an arm around his shoulder, supporting him. He pressed a button to call for a nurse, and a young dark-haired male hurried through, smiling at them. Kellin winced, and Vic squeezed his other hand, kissing his forehead. He turned to the nurse, who was watching them with a slight smile.

The nurse nodded and left, leaving Vic and Kellin in the stale-smelling room, pale light filtering through the grimy window. Vic carefully walked with Kellin, leading him out of the room and to the front desk. Her greying hair was pulled tight to her skull and her fingers clicked against the keyboard even as she looked up.

Then the lady glanced up and waved at the door, not bothering to speak. Vic raised his eyebrows a little, but led Kellin slowly through the glass doors and out into the parking lot. Kellin stumbled out of the car, nearly landing on the pavement before Vic rushed to catch him.

Vic sighed loudly, but his lips twitched. It faced a park, and was lined with neatly cut grass. Bakeries and storefronts dotted the road it was on, which was interspersed with street lamps that were just starting to turn on. The quiet night sky was painted orange, and shops were just beginning to close. But I might as well go ahead and tell him we aren't recording in Washington. I" before I could finish he stopped me.

We've been through a lot already from running away from each other to Katelynne to Washington. I don't care if you're going away for six months I'm going to be there when you get home. I'm going to always be there for you at the end of the day. I will never love anyone else as much as I love you I didn't even love Katelynne this much. Talia you're special and the most amazing girl I've ever met and I want to be yours for the rest of my life So will you marry me?

Talia Quinn had a sound to it that I loved. He slipped the ring out of his pocket it was so gorgeous. I couldn't believe this is how my life is going to change doesn't matter how I answer. I go with what my heart tells me I smiled up at him Joe found a place in Michigan for us to record Will you be my girlfriend? I wish this moment never ended, but it did when the security guard found us he was a short fat man with a white mustache he just asked us to be on our way.

Vic walked me to my bus and we watched Disney's little mermaid I remember when Ariel got her legs and nothing else but the feeling of Vic's arm around me. I was so happy! We all hop on the plane home. I'm seated right beside Kellin I rest my head on his shoulder and I couldn't help but smile and think to myself this is what I've been wanting for a long time to be Kellin's to be famous everything I have worked so hard for is falling into place.

A few hours later we are home. My car is exactly where I left it. Kellin walks me to it "your leaving now aren't you. I get in my car and drive home thinking about my sister and my dad I come from a broken family except my mom's dead. She died in a car accident 5 years ago and before that she and dad were divorced. I unlock the door and step inside. I walk over to my car and kiss Vic goodbye for the millionth time.

As I drove away I felt my heart break. I drove the two hours to my home. I walked up the small flight of stairs in the hall and unlocked my door. I walked into my small crappy apartment. I opened my car carrier that held NEMO. He came out and meowed he rubbed up against me. I checked my answering machine I watched as Talia drove away. I drive home and unlock the door to my new house. I unpack everything and then I see Talia calling "hello" "hey Kellin I have a favor to ask of you.

I'm nervous it's her dad this is major. I knock on the door my love opens the door "come in" she says. She motions me to sit on the couch. She sits beside me while her father sits in the chair across from us. Me and Talia leave and go to my place. When get there and I see Katelynne's car parked in my driveway. I enter my loft and smiled home!

I thought and unpacked it was rather large but I liked it I tried to call Alice but it went straight to voice mail trying not to put too much thought into it I relaxed looking around my house and I pushed the feeling aside and started to make a sandwich. I switched on the TV and started watching Tosh. O man this guy was funny I'd catch myself looking at my phone hoping it would ring. I get out and slam the car door. How did you get my address?

I unlock the door and usher Talia inside. After about two movies I go through my phone before we left Alice had taken over thirty selfies on my phone and then over one hundred of me and her she was a trip. As I was scrolling throw I found a video she had taken " hey babe it's me Alice the awkward she and smiled I laughed she liked at the phone I think I'm falling for you her cheeks are turning bright red Vic calls me I answer "hello" "hey man has Talia talked to you about Alice?

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I walk around the living room and call again this time praying she would answer my calls this was call number ten. I was really worried I called Kellin back. Kellin gets off the phone with Vic "what's wrong? We get there and I rush out of the car and run up the steps. I see Vic banging on the door "she won't answer. Kevin is bad news and I should've warned Vic about him.

Now my best friend could be in danger. Kevin had me by my hair in the house "I'd that your new boyfriend? Alice runs out of her apartment and hugs Vic. Kevin continues to yell at Alice then Kellin steps is "you need to leave Vic and Alice alone or you're going to have me to deal with! I sit there for a second "does it ever occur to you that maybe I don't want to go home.

I watch him drive away. I sit on the porch for what seems like hours and I just go in and go to bed. I sit in Vic's living room this place is huge I look around and wonder were Vic is "Victor l need to go to a hotel" I say and look around more my heart is nearing the fact that just happened and I'm pretty sure I'll have a really bad bruise. I was so relieved to see Vic that I thought I was seeing things "no you don't I kissed him our lips pressed together in passion I took off his shirt.

Then I pulled apart I felt my cheeks bitch candy red as I tried not to look at his body "umm I wake up the next morning to find Kellin staring at me. He sits down in my chair and starts writing in my notebook.

I grab his hand and we bolt downstairs "good morning dad. I hop in his car and we drive to the studio. I wanted him there my first time It takes us about 4 hours to do 3 songs. Then next thing I know it's night and Joe sends us home. We get to Kellin's and I put my things away.

He throws me on the bed and Kisses me this is the first time he has ever done this. I could feel the urges coming I gave into them. I ripped off his white shirt.

His warm body was tempting. He removes my clothes and I clinch the sheets and I closed my eyes Next thing I know it was over about two hours later I might add My first time was with Kellin and every minute of it was amazing.

After the studio me and Vic went out to this really nice Japanese place and we ate when we reached his house I dug through my duffle bag for my sketch book I sat down next to Vic and handed him the book" I started it at the beginning of Warped I looked away and blushed as he looked I love you" I said closing my eyes and holding my breath my only replied was his lips against mine and I knew then he felt the same we laid together in bed him with his arm around my waist and I looking into his eyes" not to you know ruin the mood but Why did you cut; I took a deep breath and told him I told him how my dad hated me I never slept so well.

Last night was amazing every minute with her was amazing. She woke up smiling, as usual when she sees me.

So I will see you later. I call Katelynne to talk to Copeland I miss my little girl. I want Talia to be a part of Copeland's life so bad but Katelynne won't let Talia near her. I call Vic and see if he wants to do something. Rather go out than sit here crying all day. The phone starts ringing. I smiled as I saw Alice come in fully dressed "I got a ride to the studio today love you "she said walking out the door I huffed and looked and said what to do?

I hop in my car and head downtown to meet Vic. I see him sitting in the Italian place. Then Alice and I will sneak Talia over to your house so she can meet Copeland.

And this time it will be different. I smiled at Kellin I knew something he didn't Alice when to law school she can help him get Copeland back we chilled and ate our Italian food. I sat back and looked at Kellin "she had a bad bruise today man I laughed jokingly I hadn't told him about me and Talia yet Then I turn around and see Kevin walk in I stand up and walk towards him.

I have unfinished business here and I'm not leaving until it is finished. Her and Talia both! I go back home and all I can think about is this weekend Talia finally gets to meet my other favorite girl in the world.

I was clinching my fist the whole time Kevin ran his mouth I swear I will catch him in the street one day I smiled as Kellin made him leave as I drove home the only thing I could think about is if their done yet I sat down on the couch and put in a movie and slowly watched the clock tick by After the movie I decided I'd make supper for Alice I went to the fridge I huffed as I slugged out of the kitchen and to my car blasting my radio and finally came to a store looking around I got the stuff to make tacos.

I played and went on my way Joe finally sends us home 5 songs finished today not to bad I head home thinking about last night made me smile bigger than I ever have before My phone rings "hey dad" I hear him crying "dad what's wrong" "your grandma is in the hospital and I can't afford to go, can you fly down to Miami and check on her?

She is the closest thing I've ever had to a mom you bet I'm going to fly down there to see her. I walk into Kellin's house. He could tell something was wrong. I pack my things, kiss him goodbye and head to the airport.

I smiled as I walk into the loft and smelt food I smile up at Vic he had this huge smile on his face as he led me to the kitchen and I saw he had cooked tacos for us. I turned around "take out? I saw him visibly relax he smiled and "so I found an apartment. I step on the plane I put phone to my phone and hear Talia's voice "Alice I love you!

Alice was crying, I was crying the best thing that had ever happened to me just slipped through my fingers. I can't imagine my life without her. I turn the news on "flight has impacted right outside of Michigan 12 survivors seriously injured. I pick up the phone and call Alice "Alice! She's in the hospital she's a-alive. You and Vic head out there I'm on my way now. She can't die on me she can't!

I run through the hospital doors "Talia Mason's room number please. I would run a thousand miles even if it meant she wouldn't live, those last moments with her would be worth everything.

I walk in the room. Her eyes are closed her breathing is faded, cuts everywhere. I starting crying I hit my knees, if she dies I have nothing to live for. Alice is crying as she tells me to speed through Michigan "Vic I love you but if you don't hurry I'm going to kill you" she said her makeup was still running and she was all stuffed up I picked up the pace when we reached the hospital she walked up to the desk " Talia Mason's room?

Alice wasn't expecting to see Talia in such bad shape she had a tube in her nose and was scratched up Alice saw Kellin on his knees and helped him up "sit in a chair" she said and hugged Kellin "she'll be ok right?

I myself was crying I was trying to be strong for Alice as I walked and sat near her "shhh it's ok baby" I said trying to calm her she was shaking. I sit there staring at her body She looks so lifeless. I turn to see Vic crying while comforting Alice. We all have grown to her From all the guys in my band to his Katelynne even called to ask how she was.

If she dies the place in everyone's hearts where her memory is will fade into a black hole. That was it she's dead I run to the bathroom and start puking I couldn't handle it I was contemplating suicide They jump started her heart once more. My world wasn't ending because she was fighting my baby girl was fighting. A few days pass I see her hand move and her eyes flutter open My heart is here with her After I saw her flat line I felt myself lose it as the nurse came in after like two minutes I flipped "where have you been?

You should have been here right when it started "I yell and Vic comes behind me "look see she's fine see. I wake up the last thing I remember was the plane crashing I'm so glad I'm alive and I'm glad I didn't agree to Kellin getting on that plane.

A bunch of flowers surrounded my room I call the nurse. He hasn't left this room since he found out what happened. He could've gone home. I'm not that important. He walks in "hey love how are you feeling? And then the wedding is in a few weeks I don't care if I'm in a wheelchair I'm marrying you on the day we wanted to!

Alice walks in "hey Talia how are you feeling dear? You had me worried! I swear I was going to have to carry Alice to the morgue myself. I'm glad you're doing better though it's nice to have you back to normal again. I take the body wash out of her hand and give her a hug. I enter his house I now reside here for good. God I will be a Quinn in two weeks I'm just shocked I've been with Kellin for almost a year and it's been the happiest year of my life and I can't wait to spend the rest of it with him.

I watched as Alice set up decorations and streamers she bought a cake and made lasagna she bought presents and wrapped them up. She stood and admired her work. She was in a small purple dress and she had a purple bow in her hair. Kellin sneaks up and puts his hands over my eyes "um Kellin what are you doing?

I smiled a welcome home party didn't expect this. I laugh and Kellin says "it's all for you love. I see my sister standing by the window. Dad was so w-worried a-about you! I'm here and I'm not leaving anytime soon ok. You don't have to worry about a thing anymore!

vic and kellin dating advice

And I walk back inside and join the others. Kellin taps my shoulder and I turn around "hey look what's happening. I'm glad she has Vic he treats her like royalty and they deserve each other. I feel a smile grow on my face and I scream "yes, yes Vic thousand times yes" he smiles as he stands I wrap my arms around his neck as his hands go around my waist and spin with me.

But let them have their moment we've already had ours.

Vic and kellin dating advice

Everyone claps around us. Talia's party soon ends and it's just me and Talia and the newly engaged couple. I whisper to Talia "will they ever stop kissing? I turn to Vic and ask "When's the wedding dude? I shrugged at Kellin's question. It was her sketch book it only had the few she did of Talia and Kellin in it I smiled at Alice and pulled her into my lap she is so light I looked at Kellin's face as he and Talia looked at the book "thought you guys would like them I don't need them "she said shrugging I look at the ring on her finger it makes me feel so happy to know she's mine and know everyone will know it.

Alice leans into me and I just feel so complete "Kellin I know how you can get Copeland "Alice said with a mischievous grin. Now Vic and Alice are getting married in 4 months. I have Warped Tour again in a month.

vic and kellin dating advice

Yeah we will be fine as far as Copeland goes. I'm ready for a real family With Katelynne it was always fighting. Not this time because I'm happy. I smiled proud that I put my law schooling to good use I leaned into Vic Why is my name on a tee shirt I saw a chick today with it on and I was like holy shit that's my name! Vic and Alice left and I pick Talia up and carry her upstairs "you know I have legs and that I can walk right. Lights dimmed, vanilla scented candles lit all around the room, our song playing.

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And dance her around the room she laughs and I pick her up and spin her around. I've never felt so close to her before. I lay her gently on the bed our first time repeats itself. Nothing can change the way I feel about her. Two hours later while Talia was sleeping I hear a knock on the door I go downstairs and open it to find Copeland just standing there with a note that reads I want that one special time to be the night of our wedding" I smiled I wake up to here little giggles coming from downstairs.

I get dressed and head downstairs. Talia will make a great stepmom and I hope she gives her the best. Someone knocks on the door. Kellin answers, its Alice and Vic they walk in and Alice's eyes widen "whys Copeland here? Your new album has hit number 5 on the charts! A week passes and I started feeling sick throwing up every morning. Eating like crazy I swear I have gained 10 pounds already.

I call Alice "Alice, I have a problem Alice knocks on the door. I didn't want to look at the results I uncovered my eyes and looked at the test I walked into the drug store and looked over the tests I looked at Alice "Positive Kellin gets home "Talia. I pace back and forth in the bedroom until he walks in.

I was glad we had Copeland and now we will have one of our own I'm the luckiest girl alive. I walk in the house to a smiling Vic "so Talia's preggers " I said and smiled as he hugged me. I'm having another child and I'm happy about it. I'm going to have to be there for her support and whatever else she needs.

Jack calls me "hello" "Kellin I have a question Ok Justin our songwriter the 4th groomsman well he is sick so you need a new 4th groomsman who is it? I and Talia decide to go dress shopping So we went to this store that was like the size of the fricken moon it was HUGE.

I kind of dread shopping is really long and just not my thing. I have to buy a whole new dress because the one I originally had doesn't fit anymore. Because of all this food I've devoured. So I was silent the way home. I walk in gnawing in a French fry By the time I get through eating I will be a fat bride.

Then I see Copeland running towards me "there's my angel" She giggled and smiled. The wedding is in 4 days and Alice insists on a Bachelorette party I and Copeland are staying at Alice's the night before the wedding. I seriously think this party is a bad idea. I set up for the party really it was just me her and Copeland watching movies till Copeland goes to sleep then we're going to drink a little I bought cookie dough and put in the fridge. Leaning on the counter I looked around my and Vic's apartment.

Just the thought of me and Vic having anything together made me smile I took a picture of me and him kissing this morning it's now on instagram and is my phone background. I looked at the clock and grabbed my keys. Vic, Tony, Justin and Kellin are going to be at Kellin's. I started the car putting my phone on shuffle and plugged it up to the radio. I pulled out and went to get the girls. I sit there with Copeland waiting on her to fall asleep. I still thought this party was a bad idea. The wedding is tomorrow all of my dreams are finally coming true and yet it all feels so unreal.

Alice heads out the door and leaves to get the rest of the girls. My one worst nightmare about tomorrow is going to walk down the aisle and Kellin not be there.

That would absolutely kill me. Copeland finally goes to sleep I take her and lay her on the bed and kiss her on the forehead and walked out.

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I walk into Alice and the girls walking in the door Alice grabs me "tomorrow this girl will be married to Kellin fucking Quinn a heartthrob that everyone wants but cannot have As we talk I run to the kitchen and get the food and drinks.

I come out carrying about fifty drinks and seventy different for items I lay them in the living room and go to my room to call Vic and say good night I smiled when he picks up. As I hung up I heard a knock at the door.

I hear a knock on the door. Vic yells "I got it. The stripper gives me a lap dance and I said to myself this isn't too bad but then brushes away the thought fast. If this is considered cheating I'm going to fucking kill Vic! It really wasn't my idea it was Tony's but what am I supposed to do?