Soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating services

Kunal Khemu has the best reply to rumours of divorce with Soha Ali Khan!

soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating services

Soha Ali Khan recently took to Twitter to share the news of her engagement For the uninitiated, Soha and Kunal, who've been dating each other for close to. Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu have been together for over two years now. Kunal-Khemu-and-Soha-Ali-Khan-have-been-dating-since-a-long-time we chose a restaurant with super swift service and the meal got over in. Soha And Kunal's Had An Epic Nawab Wedding; Dance Performance Of Kareena And Saif At Sangeet. The beautiful princess of the nawabi gharana, Soha Ali Khan, tied the knot with her long-time beau and actor, Kunal Khemu on January 25, So, for all the fans and well-wishers, let us.

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soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating services

I have a CD with Paul Anke's greatest hits. We have healthy debates about everything. So when you both fight, who makes up?

Two faces of love | brunch | Hindustan Times

Does it ever get ugly? I really wonder why no one comes.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating services

How do you guys get time together considering you are shooting so often? It is important to make time. But most actors would agree that to be on a film set where you are not working is the most deathly boring thing you can do. You spend a lot of time when you can, you work it out. When you spend time away from a person, you value that person more and come back wanting to spend more time. Kunal, do you pamper her with gifts? There are very few things that she likes. I have been begging her to change her phone.

I want someone to give me time and attention, care and concern rather than things. Who is more romantic? I think that we are equally romantic. We display it in different ways. We are romantic at heart and thought and not in action. We are too lazy to be romantic! What is the sweetest thing you have done for each other? He would write songs for me and play them on the guitar.

He also writes poems. He is very good at it, he can write them in five minutes. She organises things very well. So, if we plan a holiday, I can trust her to book the right hotel and make sure a car will pick us up.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating services

A lot, because they live in Mumbai. Kunal, how well do you get along with Sharmilaji, Saif and Saba? Anybody can get along with him because he is a very entertaining person.

Kunal Khemu

I respect Amma Sharmila Tagore a lot. Saba is a very real person. He kept me on my toes all the time and I like that in a man. What attracted you to each other? Soha still finds my stories extremely funny, especially the one where my friends and I barged into a wedding just so we could eat. For me, he is someone who has lived life on his own terms and is a self-made man.

Soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating service

I draw comfort from the fact that no matter what happens tomorrow, good or bad, he will be grounded because he has seen it all. That gives me a sense of security.

Soha Ali Khan और Kunal Khemu की अनसुनी Love Affair Story - जानिए पूरी कहानी शुरू से अंत तक

What was your first date like? We just started hanging out and one thing led to another and soon we were seeing each other. And he arrived 20 minutes late. Another time, he took me out for dinner but we chose a restaurant with super swift service and the meal got over in 15 minutes flat.

You are surrounded by good looking people all the time. How do you deal with attraction? I have generally never committed to things in my life but I am very committed to this relationship. Soha is one of my best friends and sometimes I treat her like a friend more than a girlfriend.

soha ali khan and kunal khemu dating services

Sometimes I even talk about other women to her. Even though I appreciate other beautiful women, what gives me more happiness is to have Soha in my life and the thought that she is the woman I will go back home to.

Where does your relationship stand today? We communicate very well. And even when we fight, we talk it out immediately. We communicate well and trust each other. Is infidelity a deal breaker?