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They tied the knot in June , after 12 years of dating since According to her, she has known TJ since she was ten years old. In addition turned herself into a different character, and she named herself “Nasty Nattie”. Unfortunately, Nattie's wrestling persona is somewhat different to this. He was her childhood sweetheart and they married when she was years-old in . up with Big E. Nattie and TJ go on a double date with Jenni and Big. Nattie Neidhart & TJ Wilson (aka Tyson Kidd) are a married couple, WWE In the above clip, Nattie ditches her birthday gathering after she's Nattie and TJ had been dating and living together since November after I met Nattie way before we started wrestling and that will be the difference maker.

Her romantic ups and downs with her partner TJ were actually relatable as, after a decade together, the couple spent more time sat in front of the TV than on elaborate dates like the other divas. Viewers watched Nattie suffered setbacks in her wrestling career, being constantly overlooked by WWE in favour of younger female superstars, and fans really connected to Nattie as an underdog.

Natalya is a heel and fans are supposed to dislike her. Natalya "Queen of Black Hearts" leads the other heels to make life as difficult as possible for the babyfaces and the crowds are meant to boo her, not root for her. These contradictory narratives have meant her in-ring persona is difficult to believe for some fans. After four years, she parted ways with WWE, but not everyone shed tears over her exit. She opened up about not drinking anymore and being a part of a recovery program with a sponsor who checked on her weekly.

After that blunt truth, the WWE Universe used it as another reason to dislike her but it took real heart to open up about something so personal. Perhaps her positive experience can encourage others experiencing similar struggles. Nikki kept it secret even from her family, eventually explaining that she was ashamed to tell them.

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Even more astonishingly, she kept it secret from her boyfriend John Cena. Nikki was never quiet about her desire for John to put a ring on her finger and it seems odd that she never mentioned her first marriage throughout all the conversations they had about marriage.

Very little is known about her first partner. He was her childhood sweetheart and they married when she was years-old in Las Vegas. There was never a ring and the pair never lived together.

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They divorced three years later. With the couple now happily married, producers feel Naomi and Jimmy lost some of their appeal.

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They can no longer take part in any kind of love triangles and other couples have the dysfunctional marriage drama down pat. The Hart Dynasty — [ edit ] Main article: The match also involved Beth Phoenix.

Afterward, Smith offered to shake Kidd's hand, but Kidd refused and instead slapped him across the face. Eve went on to pin Layla and become the new Divas Champion. Four days later on SmackDown, Natalya lost a match to Kelly.

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Post-match, Phoenix jumped into the ring and delivered a 'Glam Slam' on Kelly, then Natalya applied and debuted their new submission manoeuvre the 'Pin-Up Strong'. Post match, Kaitlyn solidified her heel turn after joining the Divas of Doom, however the segment was cut from the broadcast and not recognized by WWE.

In earlyNatalya was characterized as being notable for smelly flatulence ; this character development was heavily panned by critics. At the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Phoenix successfully defended her championship against Tamina, in a point where her association with Phoenix started splitting up, [96] and on the March 22 episode of SuperstarsPhoenix teamed with Eve Torres against Natalya and Tamina, in a losing effort, with this effectively ensuring the ending for the team.

This led to a feud with Natalya, Khali, and Hornswoggle facing off against Mendes and her allies, Primo and Epico in mixed tag team matches in early They faced off against them during the Main Event [] and Smackdown [] shows, losing both tag matches due to miscommunication as a team.

Additionally they also faced off against AJ Lee and Paige on the September 8, episode of Rawonce again in a losing effort. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro Natalya before a match on Raw in March In mid—, Natalya entered a storyline with her real—life husband Tyson Kiddin which their relationship was openly acknowledged on-screen.