Mitch reinholt and hannah bailey dating quotes

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mitch reinholt and hannah bailey dating quotes

Hannah Bailey, Colin Clemens, Megan Krizmanich, Mitch Reinholt, Jake or Napoleon Dynamite audiences (a review quote comparing it to both of . ( especially in the case of one that features Jake at the end of a date. American Teen is a documentary film directed by Nanette Burstein and produced by 57th Hannah Bailey - the "rebel". Mitch Reinholt - the " heartthrob". Mitch Mitch features prominently into the story when he starts dating Hannah. Mitch Reinholt Himself. Hannah Bailey. Adina Sales executive producer: animation (segments "Fight", "Hannah's Depression", "Jocks - BBall", "Kiss".

Usually they only accept the valedictorian, but my dad wants me to get in. If I don't get in, he'll be heartbroken. I have to behave. I can't get in trouble this year. Megan, you're not gonna get in trouble this year. You always get out of things. Colin's a great kid. He's one of the funniest people I know. Like today, not when he was thin and good-Iooking.

And he's really a sweetheart. A lot of girls think he's just totally hot and they have crushes on him. His lifestyle is a mystery to me. This is Colin Clemens with a Tiger sports reminder. On Friday, the boys' varsity basketball team will be taking on the Tippe Valley Vikings to kick off the start of the year, so get out there and support our Tigers. That's all the news we have for you today, so - have a great day, Tigers.

Around here, high-school basketball is a big deal. Warsaw's ridiculous about it. I mean, if we don't do well this season, the community's going to go nuts. Ladies and gentlemen, the Warsaw Tigers. A lot more eyes will be on me this year, because I'm the go-to guy, the first scoring option now. And the stakes are really high for me, because I'm relying on this season to get a college scholarship for basketball. I can't pay for it, and It's 47 all, and Clemens can still be the hero of this game.

You dream about these things in your backyard. Yeah, we needed that one. Warsaw leads1. Clemens with one more. The second one by Clemens is rolling He got them both. They throw it long. Taylor will chuck it at the buzzer. The Warsaw Tigers have done it! And a toast to 6'4" senior, Colin Clemens.

Going to the Final Four. Hitting a three for the win. Then after that, to try out with the Pacers, Indiana Pacers. Making it that far would be incredible. Good afternoon, sports fans, I'm Brian. And I'm Phil, and this is the best darn sports show at the Tiger nation.

On Friday, the boys' basketball team took on Elkhart Memorial and won. Everyone has their own cliques, and I just don't really belong to any particular clique. The only people I hang out with are in band, the other geeks. I guess that is what I am. I guess my clique is the band. I spend a lot of my time playing video games. I love The Legend of Zelda. I don't have many friends, so it's always been really important to me to have a girlfriend.

To be honest, I wish life were more like video games, because then I'd always get the girl. My idea would be someone I can really connect with, someone I can talk to. Somebody who cares about me for who I am. If I have a girl, I don't feel like I'm such a nobody. I do love the ladies, but the ladies do not love me. I don't know what it is about me.

mitch reinholt and hannah bailey dating quotes

Maybe it's the monotone or the insane collections of video game characters and the band, and all the stuff that makes me a supergeek. But I don't know. It might be my face, or the way I carry myself. I don't know what it is, but they avoid me at all costs.

But I am not going to let anything stop me. Do you want to do anything anytime soon? Probably in, like, two weeks. Well, three weeks from now on Saturday, - you wanna go see a movie? She's like, "Yeah, we'll talk more about it on Monday. No horseplay in the hallway, please. I'm escorting her to class.

You can't hit me. Hannah's not in the popular crowd. Turn it up, man, turn it up! She's definitely a rebel. Not goth or emo or punk. No, my parents are upstairs. It's like they're ants or bees, they're part of a hive. It's like they hear the signal and they just do it, man.

I'm a little different from a lot of people around here. Warsaw is such a conservative town, and I'm so not conservative.

I don't fit in. I like film and I like photography and art. I live with my grandma.

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She's so thin, she reminds me of those models. She said she's been eating Whoppers. My mom has manic depression, so it's almost impossible to live with her.

My dad moved to Ohio to work, so I'm basically just on my own for a while now, except for Joel, my boyfriend. Hannah just got here. I'm gonna surprise her. Joel and I have been together two years. A lot of people in high school, like their boyfriend is like It's just for fun. And then, with Joel, it's so different. It's like, I really I really love him. I can never imagine not having him in my life. Now, Hannah, if you'll just stand right over here, just inside the door here.

We are going to do a mock interview up here, so that you kind of get a feel for job interviewing techniques. Okay, here we go. Now, Hannah, of course, when I schedule people, I expect for them to be here and be here on time. Keeping that in mind, could you give me an example of your dependability or your willingness to work? I'll be honest with you.

mitch reinholt and hannah bailey dating quotes

I have really bad dependability problems. Do you have any objections to psychological or drug tests? Okay, let's give her a round of applause. After high school, do you want just a job? Or do you want a real career, making real money? What I want to do when I grow up, I want to work in film. I want to be a director, so I want to go to college in California. But most people around here just stay in Indiana for college. That doesn't sound great to me, because I want to, you know, I want to just work my heart out on this.

I want to actually My goal is, I want to make movies that people remember forever. I want people to remember me after I die. I don't want to just live for nothing, and work some 9-to-5 shit job and just die, you know.

I want to do something that people will remember and that will really touch people. Hannah wants to talk to you. Hey, what's the matter? I just needed to talk to someone. I'll see you soon. I'm so in love with him. I just can't stop being in love with him. I can't go to school anymore. I can't see him. Hannah's at home again. She missed all last week. Didn't go to school at all.

Four, five, six, seven, eight I have a new crush, and her name's Lorrin. She's a freshman in band. She just moved here, so she hardly knows anyone at all. So I actually might have a chance with her. What are these for? I just got back from my game. I'm smelling like crap. I took a shower today, and then did almost nothing, so I'm kind of just the opposite.

I got my oil changed. So, do you want to go see a movie Sunday? They're not the easiest things to eat in the world. I am nervous, 'cause somebody likes me that I like back. I mean, usually it's like a one-sided thing, where it's a really creepy girl that likes me, or it's some girl that I like and hates me.

So, what's going on with Hannah? Is she ever going to come back to school? She's gonna fail by missing so much. I got sick this morning just thinking about going to school. I can't go today. I have to tomorrow. The reason why I stopped going to school in the first place was because I was scared to see Joel.

And now, it's created this whole new fear that has nothing to do with Joel. It basically has to do with me.

I fear that I'm disgusting. I'm completely worthless, this piece of shit, worthless, disgusting person. I'm a complete failure. I'm just Joel's ex-girlfriend. I'm scared of people asking me what's wrong.

People thinking I'm crazy. I don't want people making fun of me. That would just make it so much worse. It's one of my biggest fears. And my mom, she has a chemical imbalance, and it is hereditary. I don't want to be like my mom. But it's almost like I can feel it happening. I feel completely crazy. I hate that feeling. Dad, I missed 17 days this term? When is she supposed to meet me?

Okay, well, I'll talk to her. You need to get with the program. Because it's not fair for you to miss a third of the classes and still get credit in the class. What is it that you're dealing with? Like, what makes you not want to come to school? I mean, what is it that scares you about coming to school?

I don't want people to think I'm weak. I don't want people asking what's wrong with me. I don't want to start crying in front of people. I haven't been on very long, so Okay, so what do they have you on?

I'm going to do a little bit of tough love here, and say, you know what, Hannah? You need to come to school. And right now, you're at your limit. If you miss one or two more days, I would be like, "You know what, "she hasn't been here enough to even give her the credit. It's got to be now or never. Remember what I said about people being mean.

I don't think anybody is going to be like that, but if they are, then they're not worth caring about what they say. I'm just not ready today. But that's why we decided I was gonna come here. Well, listen, I stayed up all night last night worrying about this.

Maybe if you stay with me tonight and I could talk to you tonight. Well, you can do that, but let's try right now. Dad, I am gonna freak out. Dad, I don't want to freak out. I don't want you to, either, but Dad, please, please, please. Well, let's at least try. No, I'm not going in. Good morning, staff and students I'll walk with you in there.

Veterans Day recognition program If there's any possibility, I want to give it a try. I'll walk with you. We will have the band playing patriotic songs, and then we will have the posting of the colors Can I just have one day?

The rum of Captain. Do you realize how quick we're gonna get drunk? My first kiss was in spin the bottle. Your first BJ was in My first BJ was in a serious relationship that I had, okay?

Ali is my really close friend. Oh, wait, no, we gotta show them our handshake. Geoff is my best friend. I've known Geoff the 17 years that I've been alive. I remember playing with him when we were little. Hey, Megan, you spin it first. Gonna be my new word, a "bimho. You have to make out with me. Okay, can we just make this brief?

All right, real fast, real fast, real fast. Even though Geoff is not my boyfriend, I look at Geoff with girls and it's just weird. Geoff is like a brother, and I get jealous. Ali, easy, easy, easy, tiger. My best friend Geoff with my close friend Erica. Was it really that bad of a thing?

Oh, you're calling me to tell me happy birthday? Hey, tell her to slut up. That's why she wants to come over here Megan will think of something, though.

Piss off Megan, you're gonna get it. Erica sent me an e-mail. Erica sent me a picture of herself topless. It was our own little secret. It was harmless, but, of course Erica sent the picture to me and Skylar, and Skylar sent the picture to Ali. I sent it to Katie, Gaby and Jarod. And then I sent it to Megan. From Roman history, who were the patricians and who were the plebeians? Do you remember that? Oh, God, it was bad.

People had it on their phones. Rumor has it that the administration saw it. I mean, my dad ended up seeing the photo. I swear on my life. You Google Erica, it comes up now. I don't even think it should have been sent to anyone in the first place.

I just need Erica's number. I really think she's seriously had enough. I'm in Chicago, so leave your name, I will definitely call you back. Not only are you a slut, but you're also dumb. Megan, this is just I've seen your titties, and so has everyone else. And above all, God knows.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you're sentenced to be a slut for the rest of your life. Let me leave her one. Like, oh, my gosh, I was online today looking at natty ho's, and your picture popped up, and you were, like, topless, and I thought, "Who the hell would put a natty picture of themselves like that online, "when your body is not even that nice and your tits are not even that nice?

What if she kills herself in the morning? I know what people are thinking. I get phone calls in the middle of the night that are just really, really mean.

I know Megan actually called me a couple of times, but they are just doing this just probably 'cause they're bored or something like that.

So, I definitely didn't take any of it to heart or whatever.

mitch reinholt and hannah bailey dating quotes

But it was still hard to hear those things. Want to hold my hand? My goal after four years of college is you to be able to fit in this uniform - and establish your own Elvis identity.

All right, after basketball, after academics, after it's all said and done, I want you to be Elvis for me. Okay, I figured so. My dad used to play basketball. He played at Warsaw. He's in the hall of fame there and stuff, so A lot of the basketball coaches will expect me to be good because of my dad. That's my man, grab the ball. Get that ball, buster. Now take it to the hoop, score a basket.

Colin, are you going to make a basket?

American Teen - PopMatters

Are you going to shoot a basket for Dad? Oh, yeah, look at that. He got hang time like his old man. Shoot a basket, Colin. At first, it was like I was doing it because my dad wanted me to. At first, when I was really little, I didn't really understand it then. I love it now. Yeah, he taught me to love it, pretty much.

You know, you're going to have college recruiters there tomorrow. I would make sure that I had 12 rebounds tomorrow. Dad doesn't have money for college, but if you get 12 rebounds, everything else will fall into place, and they'll say, "Hey, we've got to get that Clemens kid on the team. Let's go, let's go.

A flip to Clemens. Colin Clemens has nine first-quarter points. The Tigers have scored 11 straight points. Left side, Clemens, who scored 13 the first quarter, but has been stone-cold since. And we're starting to see a little bit of unraveling. You noticed it, I noticed it right there.

In the lane, Caroll's shot is good. Now it becomes anybody's game at this point. Warsaw still down Get out the heart medicine, folks, you're going to need the whole bottle. And Clemens will shoot two. So you wanna be the star, so you wanna be the hero.

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You gotta make these two. You just have to. Oh, I thought Colin, for sure, was going to get that in there, but he couldn't make the shot. And now, Clemens for the second one. Up in the air, missed it. The timer went out. The game is over. A crushing defeat for the Tigers. It's been a tough night for Colin. He can't make a free throw. Hey, Tiger sports fans, I'm Danielle. And we have your Tiger sports results from this past weekend.

On Friday, the men's varsity basketball team fell to NorthWood. You'll get them next time, boys. Colin, what's the latest with scholarships? Parents are supposed to pay for college. Warsaw is an affluent community. There's a lot of people that have done very well, and they can afford to just send their kids to college, and God bless them. We're comfortable, but just not wealthy. I mean, not every kid goes to college.

I'm going to school. I don't want to go. I think I'm gonna puke. I don't want you to get kicked out of school. Okay, well, I guess I'm kind of late to class. Are you all right? Well, it's all on your shoulders not to even have the slightest mess-up.

You've used up your share for the year. You can't have anything like that happen now. I really don't care right now. I just want to go to class. Who can tell me what caused the First World War? That one dude who decided to kill Franz Ferdinand. Hey, now, that's what most people commonly think starts the First World War.

It is what started it. I'm doing really good. I've just been dreaming about college and California.

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I really don't know what's so great about California. I've never been there. But if I had to imagine a cool place to live, it would be fricking California. They have beaches and mountains and casinos. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the fricking governor. I fricking hate Arnold Schwarzenegger, but anywhere where Arnold Schwarzenegger can become elected for governor, that's fucked up. It seems like it would be really boring. It is boring up here. You want to sit back here?

I wish I could, but I can't. Smoke out on the lake. That would be awesome! Mike is kind of the opposite of me. He is very outgoing. All the girls like him. He's the marching band stud. I wasn't a shy kid, but then middle school started. In seventh and eighth grade, I was really tiny, so everyone made fun of me all the time for being short.

One time, somebody knocked a bowl of hot chili all over my lap. I had to walk up in front of the whole school and ask if I could change my pants, and Nate Salsger was like, "Hey, everybody, Jake has got his first period! That was pretty much the point where my life turned completely different. Well, it shaped who I was gonna be in high school.

I think that's what made me be so afraid of who I am. Do you want your sideburns trimmed? Should I get my sideburns trimmed? I hope she doesn't share with you some of the texts that I send her. She doesn't share a lot of the texts with me. And we just hope that she doesn't get caught in class with her phone.

What do you think? Do you think people are going to make fun of him at school with his hair cut so short? No, no one notices him. Are people going to make fun of you because your hair's cut short? So, how are you and Lorrin doing?

People have been talking in band that Lorrin's been cheating on you. I don't mean to change your mood, but I heard some really nasty rumors about you. Only one person came up and talked to me, and if he's telling the truth, then everything's different between you and me. What was he saying? He's like, "Lorrin's been seeing other guys behind your back. Am I not allowed to? There's nothing wrong with having friends. That's just something that I don't know what's going on.

I'm thinking that Lorrin told me a lie. I'm really pissed at Mike. I hate that kid. I have one ultimate fantasy. The final battle between me and Mike. I'd have the master sword out, then I'd be very heroic.

And then I'd bring death and destruction to my archnemesis. Then I'd do the finishing move on him. Until finally, Lorrin was looking in my eyes and she said, "Jacob, you're so cool.

We don't have anything in common. We're not interested in the same things. We never had anything to talk about, we were just Everything was so boring and scheduled and just the same. I think just us breaking up is probably the best thing that's just gonna happen right now. You can't agree with me on everything.

But you don't even want to try to make it work. I just feel pretty heartbroken. It's not that I don't care or whatever. I just moved here, I haven't got to know anybody, you know. I want to experience high school, I guess, just Well, don't worry about it, then. So, you do what you want to do. There's a lot of grease on the table now because I put my face on it. Did I tell you? My SAT score went up 70 points.

And then, of course, when I call home to tell my dad, he goes, "Yeah, it would have just been better "if you could've gone up like more points. That's a nice outfit. I like those colors. I think he's just wearing it to brainwash me more. Yeah, do I need to do that?

I bet I don't. I just want to see where everyone's going to end up for college. I hate talking about Notre Dame. Everything's going to be so much better Megan, they just got the Prom Committee to vote for that jungle theme.

The tackiest theme I've ever heard of in my entire life. Yeah, they're talking about getting stuffed animals and hanging vines on the walls and all kinds of shit. Turn on some music. I'm pissed as hell. There's a fight about prom theme. I wanted to make it Oriental, with little cherry-blossom trees all over.

And then the junior class president, Ben, decided to pool his friends together and have them vote for "Welcome to the Jungle. I know it's wrong, but I just believe in getting even. Someone looked in the window? Dude, that was stupid.

It comes right off. Good morning, staff and students, we have a very serious announcement. This weekend, a student council member's house was vandalized.

We urge anyone who has information about this incident to come forward immediately. Megan, you should be ashamed of yourself. Dude, I am, okay? I have forgiven myself, though.

How have you forgiven yourself? I'm a quick forgiver. They know it's somebody in the student council that did the vandalizing. They're accusing me of lying. This was stupid, Megan. More stupid if you can't do it and not get caught. Megan, come here, please. This is a very serious situation. It's sexual harassment because of what was said and what was drawn.

Of a sexual nature. If there had been a threatening word, that could have been a Class D felony. Normally we suspend out of school for sexual harassment, but because this is really your first offense, we have decided to suspend your student council office.

It's a slap on the wrist of what could have happened to you. Vandalizing happens every weekend in Warsaw. It really is just unfair that I'm being punished so much. I'm worried that Notre Dame will find out, and I could not get in, which is just going to kill me. I still want to give that Air Force recruiter a call. I think you'd be a fine soldier.

One, I don't have what it takes to kill a person. I could not do it. Well, they need cooks, too. And two, I'm not going to cook for them, either. What are you going to do? They've only so many comedians in the world. I could be a comedian if I wanted to. You're going to slough through college like you did high school? I have a 3. I've got a 3.

Colin did homework once in his four-year career. Yeah, look at that. I don't even do homework and I get A's and B's. If you got A's and B's we'd be getting scholarships. You should've got all A's. You're a smart kid. Could've been a cook in the Army. Good to know you support me. Clemens backs away, footer.

No, way off the backboard first. Colin, get in here! Colin, did you hear me calling push down? That's not a very good shot, anyway. You got to play patient. I'm calling push down, and you take a ridiculously bad shot. You don't shoot it every time you catch it. Cabrera looking for dribbling room, throws it outside the lane Throws it in, Clemens, low block left, shoots it up and missed it.

Colin's one of my best friends, but he can be selfish on the court. Bounces to Clemens, faces up, shoots it up there, and couldn't get the roll again.

Colin, it's okay to take a couple dribbles and just pass it. He needs to impress college coaches, so if he can get the shot off, he's going to shoot it. I'm sorry, that just is not a good shot. And it's hurting our team. This is where Colin has got to grow up and mature.

And I don't like this shot selection. He's just trying to come in and get his shots in. Everybody's losing their confidence, and instead of encouraging more, we kind of just yell at each other. I said what's your deal? The Tigers fall to on the season. They have lost five games in a row.

And Tracy, it's very simple, Warsaw won't go very far unless Colin really brings his A-game with him. What color should I make this one? Like a rainbow trout. I don't know if I should, like, be able to see this, what's going on underneath.

I applied to San Francisco State University. They have an amazing film program, so I have completely made up my mind to stay away from anything like a boyfriend-type attachment.

I'm trying to be completely ready to leave Indiana. Knowing me, I will find someone and I won't want to leave. And I don't want that. This is one of the most crucial times in my life to make something of myself and get somewhere, and start having an education, start having my own life, and I don't want anything holding me back. So, right now, I'm just trying to focus on things that I love doing, like creative things.

We got a great group of bands tonight. You are going to be thoroughly entertained. Dude, I am, like, drunk. We need to go backstage. Her ultimate goal is to get into the University of Notre Damesomething that many of her family members have done before her. She is mean, but she is also humanized by the portrayal of her own social and emotional struggles. Mitch Reinholt - the "heartthrob". Mitch is popular at school because of his easygoing ways, his good looks, and his sports talent he is a teammate of Colin's.

He is the least featured of the five primary students, and is even left off some versions of the film's movie poster. Jake Tusing - the "geek" or "gamer". Jake is an introverted student whose hobbies are the marching band and video games. He longs to find and keep a girlfriend, and much of his storyline revolves around his dating life. He ends up studying at Lawrence University for a year before attending Vincennes University.

Criticism[ edit ] Some film critics have accused the director, Nanette Burstein, of giving the documentary a sensationalized feel, [7] and others have gone so far as to claim that the film feels scripted and the very presence of the cameras take the reality out of the situation. One continual issue with the movie, was that Tusing was continually forced to "get a girlfriend" in order not to be removed from the film.

Other issues include scripted arguments, and cue cards.