Maude and sam dating

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maude and sam dating

Maude's main Subreddit Sam has liked it. Time to let this ship Smaude as friends and their chemistry working together forever! + Smaude. Maude Garrett (born /) is an Australian radio and television personality, magazine columnist, and YouTube personality. She is known for being a. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sam Bashor (@sambashor).

maude and sam dating

Are good friends not a boyfriend and a girlfriend Updated On 26 Feb, Published On 26 Feb, They started to get along really well, and their chemistry on screen was pretty amazing. Maude and Sam were spotted together most of the time, hanging out and Maude referred to Sam as her best friend but this kiss has created a lot of suspicions lately and everyone is asking whether the two are boyfriend and girlfriend.

maude and sam dating

Among such personalities, Maude Garrett is also the one who has gained a huge recognition in the media through her YouTube Channel.

This hot and super sexy Australian radio host and magazine columnist has now become the one and only fantasy of every man and most of you want to know whether she is still single or already off the market! Well, dear readers, we have both good news and bad news for you. Sounds pretty confusing right?

maude and sam dating

Let's break the ice and find out the truth. Rumors were already swirling up in the media that the two are secretly dating each other. Pinterest But last year, on their channel's celebration party, they shocked all of us by sharing a passionate lip-lock together! You might be thinking that it's probably just a friendly kiss, nothing to fuss about. So I had to leave.

maude and sam dating

It was about half an hour after the kiss, and I still had butterflies. When I suggested the kiss, I never thought that Maude would accept, or we would make 1 million, but I wanted to have one chance to kiss Maude before she left forever, and I never got to.

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I was really proud of myself for having hidden my crush on her for so long. She had no idea, none of my friends had any idea, I was the only one who knew.

And, honestly, I almost loved her. She started off as somewhat of a sister, but around 6 months ago I realised I had feelings for her. And for months I had wanted to kiss her but had never gotten the chance.

Her crush on me was pretty obvious by the way she acted, but I couldn't date her. We were great friends, and if we ended up not working out, it would be really awkward. But now that she was leaving, I could tell her how I felt and not worry about the future of SourceFed.

maude and sam dating

So tonight was the night. She was drunk, I was drunker, and we were both happy. As the crew was cleaning up and the cast was leaving, I pulled Maude aside and into a storage room. My heart was pounding about a million beats a minute and Maude looked concerned. Oh, and do you want to share? We live pretty close to each other and it would make it a lot cheaper for the both of us since neither of us can drive home. But are these co-hosts married to each other?

They have never talked about being husband and wife personally but the tweet on 3rd April Maude has made the followers confused: Maybe this was just a rumor as both of them never talked about their relationship. Though the rumor existed in the past, Joel is now happy with some other lady, and Maude has found her love.

Never Married Maude Garrett Seems To Have A Boyfriend; Is She Dating Her Host Friend?

The actor is dating an Australian stylish Christine Centenera and is seen intimately embracing each other in public. She was born to her father and grew up with her siblings in Brisbane, so she holds the Australian nationality.

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She is a niece of ex-Midnight Oil frontman turned politician and cabinet minister Peter Garret. The 32 years age actress and TV persona, Maude, has over 5 feet 9 inches of height and around 55kg of weights.