Krystal and suho dating

do you think krystal and suho are dating i see |

krystal and suho dating

Anonymous said: do you think krystal and suho are dating i see suho is with jessica more then krystal but sustal fans makes me confused.. i. [Kai ♥ Krystal] Witness accounts, dating rumors of other EXO members, more . [+21, -0] Suho is so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He was smiling at Kai and. So about Suho and krystal Dating Rumor, Its Not Confirmed And on The Picture I Guess Its Wasnt Them, Its 99 % Fake Like Krystal on we got married with.

Kai and Krystal's ski trip 1. It's true that he wasn't being careful. Fans were so worried about his leg injury but it happened while he was on a trip with his girlfriend.

Year-end performance was right ahead, he wasn't being careful or responsible. So everything he showed to fans was fake? When Baekhyun's news broke out, he got all sorts of curses but they're stanning him again No wonder why celebrities earn money so easily. Yes he wasn't being careful but it's not like he got injured on purpose.

And he didn't show his full face, he was wearing a hat and a mask. Why can't they go on a date?

Suho - Krystal is SM's new couple, fans are bewildered when they see the dating proof

They can't text all the time and only do cyber dating. Is it because they have a lot of members? He was laughing at Baekhyun when Taeyeon appeared at Gaon chart.


They're immature and not careful. Fans are shielding everything. The very first of EXO's dating rumors 1. Same ring, DO's back profile, same shoes, same shorts, etc But fans call it a coincidence.

krystal and suho dating

They're not even in the same company, how did they meet? It's just so random Their ages aren't even similar Other dating news of EXO all matched well. Not sure if they're still dating. When Sojin was asked when she wanted to get married, she said 37 without hesitation.

When she turns 37, DO turns Are Sulli and IU very close? But she seems to be tired probably due to her hectic schedule. May I ask would one have the time to date when she could not even get enough rest?

krystal and suho dating

Because KryBer moments are so much more genuine than whatever Stal Moment. Have you seen the way Krystal looks at Amber? Yes they are friends.

krystal and suho dating

But to be honest, I am gay and I can somehow sense that Krystal is bi or maybe just gay. She can be a sweet and shy dongsaeng to those oppa but to Amber? People managed to track the IP address or something I am not tech-savvy and somehow proved that that person was Amber.

krystal and suho dating

I give it the benefit of a doubt. I am too much into KryBer. Move back to SuStal.

krystal and suho dating

Now, if you are saying that the way the two interact shows that they are in love. How about I show you MinStal? I think that their moments are even more real than SuStal. Llike for example me. I was never a TaeNy shipper or Jungli shipper even though they look real or cute.

Simply because one of the two is not my bias. I just saw a blog about JessBer. It was mentioned that Jessica and Amber had conflict, but it was not a reliable source.

Suho and Krystal spotted together in NY!!!

Which sister would want to see her sibling getting ostracised and criticised if the media found out that she was dating her co-member? I believe that as much as Jessica is a sweet person, she just wants to protect Krystal from all the hates. Relate this to the previous post I have posted, something about Kryber and Jessica.