Kim possible and ron dating quotes

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kim possible and ron dating quotes

when did kim possible and ron stoppable start dating rating Plastic Hassle ODST - Onyx Quote: Quote: Interesting ideas and mechanics aside, matchmaking is. Kim's used to fighting Drakken; the bigger problem is finding a date to the prom, or--worse--going with Ron, who's so not that kind of friend. Enter the new guy in. Kim Possible: So the Drama (TV Movie ) Quotes on IMDb: Memorable quotes and Bonnie Rockwaller: Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are *dating*? .

No, that's Band Camp. I thought that was Clown Camp. No, that's Clown Camp! I loved those clowns. Gill, we can get you help. We know a lot of scientists who-- Gill: Science made me this way! Are you sure it wasn't the clowns? Part of me is terrified And yet part of me is flattered.

This is sick and wrong! He's out on the lake?

Ron Stoppable

How dumb can he be? You know, just because you saved us doesn't mean you're not still, you know, you. But it would really stink if that jerk had turned us into mutants. And you were kinda brave, and all. I know what's best for Ron. Even if he doesn't. Your house sucks up so much power, it's causing blackouts all over Europe. And these people without power, they are You see, Junior, how awful it is to be poor? You've got doors that go — that go "whoosh"!

kim possible and ron dating quotes

I always wondered about the "whoosh" I like the "whoosh. I am so glad you told him to get missiles! Oh, so I made a few suggestions - does that make it my fault? Oh, man, I have a zit on my nose! Will you get over yourself? Kim looks accusingly at Ron] He threw in some traps.

Hey, on the positive side, this guy is clearly a terrific listener. The piranha won't be here till Monday, but I assure you, the koi have not been fed in days. Who wants to build a robot tick? I do, I do! You do know you said that out loud, don't you?

Never been this close to a cheerleader. Your skin is so smooth and zit-free Oh gotta save your boys. We go her boys! They're not my boys! Yeah, you don't touch anything. My pets are famished! Perhaps you two could stay Cuts him off For lunch?

Quickly I wasn't going to say that.

kim possible and ron dating quotes

Oh, dude, you were so 'for lunch. Why don't you just say "mini" then? I can handle this Nobody escapes MY detention!

Kim Possible, Season 4 Quotes

Possible, you're going down! Is that a good beep? If you could just tell me what to do, I could do it. What did we agree on? I don't touch anything. But can you do this? Kim Possible has something that belongs to us! Fully aware of their daughter's occupation, Kim's parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfewbut tend to be more-so concerned about the character's performance in school, as well as her love life.

A Sitch in TimeKim became involved in crime-fighting rather unintentionally. Kim's sidekick; her childhood best friend and boyfriend as of season four who, [16] unlike Kim, is cowardly, [25] socially awkwardclumsy and unpopular with his peers. He is regarded by other characters as a crucial component to Kim's unusually high success rate in crime-fighting and is highly talented in cooking. Ron's pet naked mole rat who accompanies Kim and Ron on their missions, traveling in his owner's pocket.

Drakken voiced by John DiMaggio: Lipsky, [16] Drakken is Kim's archnemesis and most resilient adversary. Kim's primary combatant and most dangerous opponent; [10] a supervillain with the superhuman ability to generate powerful green energy blasts from her hands.

Shego is Drakken's sarcastic — but far more intelligent — sidekick, who openly mocks the scientist with little regard for his seniority. James and Ann Possible Gary Cole and Jean Smartrespectivelyand her younger brothers, twin geniuses Jim and Tim Shaun Flemingseasons 1—3; Spencer Foxseason 4to whom she refers as "Tweebs" a portmanteau of "twin" and "dweebs" ; the twins speak their own made up language known as "Twinnish". Eventually, he starts to love Hana, and learns to be a big brother.

In " Graduation ", the two-part series finale, Ron truly stepped up and became the hero by single-handedly saving Kim, as well as the entire world. After Kim and Shego were knocked out by the menacing alien WarhokRon was the only one left to fight and was unsure of what to do.

Sensei appeared to encourage Ron to summon his Mystical Monkey Powers, telling him that he is the Monkey Master and that this was his destiny. With Kim's very life on the line, Ron was finally given the motivation he needed to step up, and in an incredible show of bravery and sheer power, he single-handedly takes on both Warhok and his battle mate Warmonga and apparently destroys them.

kim possible and ron dating quotes

Physical Appearance Ron is of medium height and lanky; his round face has a wide mouth, a pointy nose, freckles on his cheeks, brown eyes, and messy blond hair. Personality Personality-wise, Ron is the polar opposite of Kim. Like Shego, he displays a lack of ambition and a propensity for sarcasm toward villains such as Drakken.

He reacts differently from Kim in almost every situation, excels at things that she has difficulties with, and vice-versa, and sees the world in a different way.

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He also tends to overreact to change, even when they are minor. As a type B, Ron is primarily cheerful and upbeat, is highly resistant to most forms of peer pressure, and is largely unconcerned with appearance and fads, which he considers to be shallow and transitory. Because of this, Ron frequently serves as a counterbalance to Kim's type A personality, often encouraging her to take a step back in episodes where her competitive nature goes into overdrive, and helping her to get things in perspective when she frets over "teen issues" such as the "food chain" and how others think of her.

Kim herself often performs a similar function for Ron by motivating him, encouraging him to participate in some areas, and attempting to dampen down his enthusiasm in others. Ron's personality is defined by ego but not in such an obvious way as type A Kim. He tends to become fixated with ideas, objects, and concepts that cannot be dislodged from his mind, even after they have proven to be flawed.

kim possible and ron dating quotes

During early episodes this usually took the form of Ron disagreeing with Kim over the intentions of a villain: However, as Ron's personality developed with the franchise, this tendency became more pronounced. In the former, Ron obsesses over the fact that Jim and Tim have replaced him as team mascot. He doesn't think they can live up to his legacy and takes it too personally, to the point where he tries to become their coach.

In the latter, Ron refuses to believe that eating junk food can cause health and fitness problems.

Kim Possible quotes

He tries to disprove it by eating nothing but Bueno Nacho meals a play on the real world documentary Super Size Me. As a result, when his clothes start becoming tight he attributes it to shrinkage in the laundry and he attributes his shortness of breath to lack of clean air.

However, when he grows in height he says it's the diet he's on, not realizing that his falling into Henchco's Titan vat was the reason. Ron has on occasion expressed his usually hidden arrogance, which typically results from a bout of self-confidence combined with his tendency to go overboard with things. Kim once commented that Ron is "prone to big-headiness.

Ron has also displayed considerable bouts of jealousy throughout the show, especially when he feels that he does not have Kim's undivided attention. However, all of Ron's Kim-centered jealousy is entirely restricted to the instance of Kim paying attention to others over him.

He has never expressed envy over her abilities, instead offering her encouragement in the field and showing himself to be a loyal friend and later boyfriend. Another effect of this personality type is that Ron tends to doubt himself more often than not, making himself subservient to Kim. It is highly probable that his behavior patterns have been influenced by Kim's frequently overbearing and hyper competitive Type A tendencies, causing him to back down as a trained response because he knows that Kim does not like to lose.

Because he values Kim more than anything, Ron is willing to sacrifice anything for her, including his own potential for greatness.

All of these self-imposed restrictions are lost, however, when Ron becomes his alter ego, Zorpox. Because he is evil, Zorpox does not care about hurting Kim's feelings and therefore has no problem unleashing his full potential. Strangely he seems to be smarter when evil as he made a mashed potato launcher out of cafeteria items that scattered the potato all over the room.

The first time he was transformed, Zorpox was able to convert his tricycle into a plasma catapult, as well as create not one, but two doomsday devices in only a few hours. In "Stop Team Go", he demonstrated that Ron is a much more capable fighter than he normally appears, incapacitating a swarm of about thirty Wegos in under ten seconds.

Bumbling sidekick As a "bumbling sidekick", Ron is typically portrayed as being extremely loyal but also clumsy and lacking in bravery. He tends to "trip over his own feet" in most episodes, often in comical or socially embarrassing ways, and during missions it is common for him to comically fail to do something that Kim has done flawlessly—for example, he might ski backwards down a mountain and collide with a tree just after Kim has successfully navigated the slope.

kim possible and ron dating quotes

He also loses his pants often on missions. A regular running gag in the series is that Ron rarely receives any recognition for his actions helping Kim, and other characters have a hard time remembering his name, even if they've met him multiple times; Dr. Drakken has referred to him as "that guy," "the boy who always loses his pants" and most notably, "the buffoon. This has actually earned Ron's respect, as he tells Monkey Fist in the episode "Overdue".

Ron's clumsiness was very pronounced in early episodes, often resulting in him endangering himself or the mission, and forcing Kim to stop whatever she was currently doing to save him. However, as the series has progressed his skills have become more proficient and he has required rescuing much less frequently.