Jordy lucas and jordan smith dating

Up to Date Neighbours: Jordy and Jordan reveal all

jordy lucas and jordan smith dating

Jordy Lucas and Jordan Smith play Neighbours' unfortunate sweethearts Summer Hoyland and Andrew Robinson. The pair seem crazy about. Summer Rose Hoyland is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Jordy Lucas When her father started dating Stephanie Scully (Carla Bonner), Summer accepted the .. teens Andrew (Jordan Smith) and Summer (Jordy Lucas) is so thick the cafe is now using it as a sandwich spread. Neighbours star Jordy Lucas recently cemented her future with the soap by splitting from boyfriend Andrew Robinson (Jordan Smith) and getting involved in . Kate Ramsay confronted by Brennan's ex-girlfriend Sienna.

Chris chooses not to invite Aidan to his birthday party, which is hosted by his family, and Aidan breaks up with him. Chris tells his parents about his relationship and they assure him that they would have accepted it. During a car journey to the city, Chris and his friends find Sophie Ramsay Kaiya Jones hiding in the boot of his car.

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Andrew pressures Chris into allowing Sophie to sit on Summer's lap. An argument between Andrew and Natasha breaks out and when Andrew bumps Chris' arm, he loses control of the car and crashes. Chris blames himself for the accident and Andrew's father, Paul Stefan Dennistries to sue him.

The police fine Chris and he loses his license for six months. Chris and Aidan get back together and Chris moves into 26 Ramsay Street. Chris becomes frustrated with Aidan when he does not confide in him about his feelings or accept help from him. When Aidan goes back on his promise to be more open and honest, Chris breaks up with him.

Jordy Lucas is a Genius.

Chris suffers a flashback to the crash and damages a Lassiter's car. Ralphie Mahone Daniel Bowden fixes the car and in return, he asks Chris to rework some vehicles for him. Chris comes clean to Lucas, who calls the police. Georgia Brooks's boyfriend, Scotty, makes sexual advances towards Chris.

When Georgia finds out, she starts avoiding Chris, but they later make up.

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Chris befriends Amber Turner Jenna Rosenow when he sees she is being bullied. Amber develops a crush on Chris and he is forced to tell her that nothing will ever happen between them. Chris begins dating competitive swimmer Hudson Walsh Remy Hii. Chris breaks up with Hudson when he learns that he is taking performance-enhancing drugs. Chris and Hudson later get back together. He apologises to Chris and then refuses to see him again. When he has trouble sleeping, Chris gets a prescription for sleeping pills.

Kyle and his grandmother, Sheila Colette Mannlater find Chris collapsed in the garden and Karl tells Chris to stop taking the sleeping pills.

Chris ignores his advice and starts sleepwalking. Chris also has a series of one-night stands and gets two warnings at work from his new boss, Danni Ferguson Laura McIntosh. Chris is arrested when he punches Josh Willis, who spoke to a journalist about Chris and Hudson's relationship. Hudson tells Chris that he cut off contact as he needed time to prepare himself for prison.

Chris asks Hudson to give their relationship another go and he agrees. Chris keeps Hudson's incarceration a secret from his parents, so he is angered when Sonya Rebecchi Eve Morey inadvertently reveals his secret to his mother, Patricia Katerina Kotsonis. When Patricia is later arrested for theft, Chris learns that she is a gambling addict and Sonya knew.

He undergoes surgery and the flirts with nurse Will Dempier Christian Heath when he suffers a reaction to the analgesic. Chris becomes frustrated when Hudson is not there for him, and questions how he can be in a relationship and feel so alone. He decides to ask Will out for a drink, but later cancels.

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Chris collapses due to complications from his surgery and is readmitted to hospital. He apologises to Will for cancelling on him and then tells him about Hudson. During Chris's next visit to Hudson, he appears distracted and when Hudson asks him if he is seeing someone else, Chris hesitates and Hudson breaks up with him. Chris tells Hudson about Will and how lonely he is. Hudson does not want Chris to date him out of guilt, and they say goodbye.

jordy lucas and jordan smith dating

Chris spends some time with Will and they begin dating, but the relationship ends when Will's dog, Napoleon, bites Kyle's dog Bossyand Will refuses to accept responsibility or apologise. Chris befriends Lucy Robinson Melissa Bell and she asks him to father her child, to which Chris replies that he needs time to decide. Chris meets Nate Kinski and they arrange to go a picnic for their first date. When Chris asks Nate to open up about his time in the army and Afghanistan, Nate gets physical with him.

Nate promises that it will not happen again and asks Chris not to push him about opening up until he is ready. During Georgia and Kyle's joint hen and bucks night, Chris is punched by an unseen assailant and he hits his head. Kyle and Georgia find him and he is rushed to hospital, and placed in an induced coma. Josh later confesses to punching Chris.

When Chris wakes up, he struggles to remember words and his right side is weakened. Chris is allowed leave from the hospital to attend Georgia and Kyle's wedding. After he is discharged from hospital, Nate becomes Chris's carer. Chris decides to return to work at the garage but is unable to do the work and is sent home. Chris later suffers a seizure and is admitted to hospital.

jordy lucas and jordan smith dating

He is forced to quit his job as he can no longer handle the workload due to his injuries. Josh's mother, Terese Rebekah Elmaloglouoffers Chris a job as a trainee manager at Lassiter's Hotel, which Nate persuades him to accept. Lucy returns and Chris rejects her offer of being father to her child when Nate confesses he does not want children; however, Chris changes his mind when Nate supports him.

Nate later helps Chris and Lucy see that they need to think the idea through more thoroughly, and they draw up a contract detailing how their child will be raised.

jordy lucas and jordan smith dating

When they learn that they are both carriers of spinal muscular atrophyChris tells Lucy that she should find another donor. But when Chris sees how down Lucy is, he changes his mind and they go ahead with the insemination. A couple of weeks later, Lucy calls Chris to tell him that she is pregnant. Chris plans to visit New York for the scan, but Nate confesses he is banned from the States for overstaying his visa there previously.

Toadfish Rebecchi Ryan Moloney agrees to help lift the ban, but Nate misses a meeting and Chris accuses him of not taking it seriously. Lucy returns for a visit and Chris decides he wants to split his time between Erinsborough and New York when the baby comes, although Nate is against this idea.

Nate realises that they want different things, and they break-up. A few months later, Amber contacts Chris and Lucy via video call after learning that they have had a daughter.

Chris's coming out episode, which was broadcast on 10 Augustwas seen byviewers in Australia. If anything, it's a small reflection of the changing attitudes in society". But attitudes have changed and commercial networks like to reflect that". Langford from website, AfterElton said he found it "humorous" that Neighbours emphasizes what a gentleman Chris is compared to Andrew.

But on television that's usually the case". He wished that viewers got to see more of Chris's thoughts and feelings and less of how his situation affected the people around him. Many shows tend to make gay teens near saints.

jordy lucas and jordan smith dating

Instead, he's a fairly average kid who makes mistakes and messes up, like starting a fight at a basketball game. Langford revealed that he liked Chris and Lucas's mentor and mentee relationship as it is. I have the feeling that a lot of Chris's dad's issues stem from the fact that his son is gay and I hope the show will delve into those unresoved issues. Undoubtedly very proud of her former co-star who has hit the big time in Hollywood, Jordy said of Margot: So it was nice we could come together and celebrate her for the night.

Jordy and Ashleigh frocked up for the special screening of Margot's film, excited to support their famous friend The beauties were indeed beaming from ear-to-ear in a snap from the reunion uploaded to co-star Natalie's Instagram account.

Clearly comfortable with her former Australian co-stars, Margot swapped her glamorous Hollywood attire for a casual chic look in the reunion image. The blonde beauty layered a loose black blouse with a matching leather jacket, and a pair of tan coloured trousers completed her low-key look. Going makeup free for the girls' catchup, The Wolf Of Wall Street star wore her golden locks out and cheekily poked her tongue out for the candid snap.

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The brunette beauty also flaunted her fresh-faced complexion, keeping warm in a brown knitted dress. Standing on the other side of Margot was Pippa Black, The blonde famed for her role as Elle Robinson on Neighbours, stunned in a pretty pink sweater, with a black coat slung on her left arm just in case the weather took a chillier turn.

Back in the day: Margot played Donna Freedman on Neighbours for almost three years Hollywood star: