Jane and billy dating

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jane and billy dating

Lulu Pope was Billy's secret girlfriend. She is also his best friend's nemesis. He keeps it a secret from Jane because if she found out it could possibly ruin their. Naomi, 48, and Billy, 49, who star as husband and wife on the Netflix series Naomi Watts 'dating' Gypsy costar Billy Crudup less than a year after Patricia Arquette and daughter Harlow Jane, 15, jet out of LA after. Billy unger dating - Rich man looking for older man & younger man. Kick dating in a parole officer, kelli berglund with personal life, jane freilicher, and he.

She has her best friend Billy Nick Roux help her out, although he had a relationship with Lulu Meagan Tandya girl who has been mean to Jane since the seventh grade. Now Billy dates the new girl, Zoe, which makes Jane feel like he's replacing her. Jane's father died and her mother ran out on Jane and Ben before the series started. Jane's mother has returned home to Jane and Ben, and she stays awhile. Her brother Ben David Clayton Rogers tries to make money by getting jobs, but the jobs never work out until he lands one as the athletic assistant at Jane's school.

Jane tries to be the best at her job and her school, juggling the everyday challenges of high school and the world of fashion. Cast and characters[ edit ] Main[ edit ] Erica Dasher as Jane Quimby, the main protagonist and a high-school student who is also a personal assistant to fashion designer Gray. Everyone at her work doesn't know shes in high school and she keeps it a secret from everyone at school except Billy and eventually her brother Ben.

Jane has an older brother Ben, and after their father's death, he is made her guardian. Besides Ben, Jane has Billy in her life as her best friend, with whom she shares all her secrets. Nick Roux as Billy Nutter, Jane's best friend since childhood. Billy had a secret physical relationship with "it girl" Lulu, but ends it after realizing that she doesn't want to go public with it. He later starts dating Lulu publicly, much to Jane's dismay.

They later break up after he was publicly called trash along with his brother at a party, held by Nick Fadden, and Lulu made no move to defend him.

He left the party with his brother while Lulu stayed. In the mid-season finale, Billy had tried to reveal his feelings toward Jane telling her "It's you, Janey" but was interrupted by Jeremy.

Jane/Billy - it's always been Jane

After spending two months in juvenile detention for helping his brother try to escape the scene of a crime, Billy returned to school wanting to keep his friendship with Jane intact. He met Zoe, an apparently rebellious student, telling her he enjoyed being with someone who didn't judge him like Lulu, unaware that Zoe is wealthy herself.

jane and billy dating

He discovers the truth but still wants to be with her. He never again tries to be with Jane but Jane realizes she wants to be with him. He takes over as the lead in the school play opposite Zoe when Nick gets hurt. Rowly Dennis as Jeremy Jones, Jane's coworker and a "ladies' man". He has been shown to like Jane. He was seeing India, but later broke it off after she stole Jane's wedding gown design.

When India returns as a consultant, she tells Jeremy she knows the truth and threatens to expose him unless he helps her take down Gray. At Jane's birthday party, a drunken Jeremy confesses to Jane the truth and she walks away upset.

Then Jeremy runs away when Jane threatens to tell Gray. After the death of their father, he becomes Jane's guardian.

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He works at Jane's high school as the assistant athletic director and is friends with the guidance counselor Rita Shaw, who he used to make fun of in high school. He realizes his feelings for Rita on the school camping trip when he comes to odds with another teacher who has set his sights on Rita.

After their mother returns Ben takes the opportunity to finally live out his lifelong dream when he is offered a minor league baseball contract.

In the series finale he returns to be there for Jane and also to tell Rita that he wants to get back together.

'Jane By Design' midseason finale: Are Jane and Billy meant to be?

India de Beaufort as India Jourdain, the series' main antagonist and Jane's pretentious colleague. She always tries to sabotage Jane and steal Gray's job. But many times she does show true emotion and kindness only to rebuff it with her bad attitude. This made him realize his true feelings for Jane and that it has always been her that he loves.

He ends up running to tell her how he really feels, and when he finally got there and was starting to tell her, his confession gets cut short when Jeremy Jones arrives. In episode 11 The Replacement, Jane picks up Billy from the detention center.

jane and billy dating

In the car she brings up the night before he left at the fashion show. He changes the subject fast to wanting to know whats been going on with her. The next day at school they get in a argument about Jane maybe wanting to leave high school for her job and he walks away. Later in the day he's in Ben's office talking to him and Jane comes in and asked from their help because she has to go to work and they said no.

Ben tells him to go to her job and take her home because Rita thinks she is sick in bed and is on her way over there with Ben.

Billy brings Jane home and they sneak in through her window. While Jane was changing in her closet Billy was going to go out through her window but he knew he didnt have enough time so he jumped in her bed under the covers. When Rita and Ben came in he noticed it was Billy and the bed and not Jane because he saw Billy's shoe. He turned Rita around while Jane hopped in the bed and Billy rolled out of it. Rita and Ben left and Billy and Jane started laughing. Then Jane said she has to ask him what he meant when he said "It's you Janey".

He said he meant she was his best friend and he didn't want that to change. They were both disappointed with his answer. She told him about her hobby of reading palms and read his palm. Then asked, why he was in trouble and he asked the same question. She said she told her calculas teacher that she doesn't believe in pop quizzes.

jane and billy dating

It turns out that she was a new student and "pop quiz crusader" sounded cooler. At the end of the episde, Billy ends up sitting with her at the movie because Jane showed up late. In the episode The Suprise, Billy askes her to make it look like they are hanging out together after school, but really they are planning Jane's party.