Harshad arora and preetika dating after divorce

No more romance for Harshad Arora aka Zain | PINKVILLA

harshad arora and preetika dating after divorce

Beintehaa is a Hindi-language Indian television series. The show launched on 30 December and ended on 21 November It aired on Colors TV and starred Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora. . Soon after this, Zain's look-alike, Rocket Fernandes (Harshad Arora), tries to take Zain's place (because he loves. Beintehaa Reunion: Preetika Rao interviews Harshad Arora | sitespornogratuit.info Sikandar to divorce Lovely after Kundali Bhagya Here's the next Since Preetika has had a successful stint as a journalist, she grilled Harshad with some fun questions and also got him to talk about his 'dates' this summer. Philippine typhoons and floods harshad arora and preetika dating divas getting DJs, producers, club headliners and after-party enthusiasts are just some.

Delhi boy Harshad on the other hand admits to being on the quieter side in real life, while his onscreen character is the complete opposite. What according to you makes Zain-Aaliya's chemistry a hit?

I missed opportunities because I’m lazy: Harshad Arora

We don't have to try hard to bring out the chemistry. We just come together in one frame and people feel the magic. I guess it's the passion of love in our chemistry and the emotional bond, thanks to our directors. How important is it to get along with co-stars off screen P: It is important to get along not only with your co-star but also with your co-actors because it helps to create a healthy work atmosphere.

If actors get-along with each other - work becomes easy. It is hard to work with actors who are nasty to you behind the scenes and I have gone through the grind too. Very important, it makes a lot of difference on screen and in the relationship of the characters. Things that make you happy? Music, rain, cute looking babies and fun-loving people. Good food and good sleep and of course a great on screen performance.

Things that annoy you? Unfriendly people, jealousy, Liars and cheats and people who have constant bad breath and still don't get the point. Nothing that I can think of right now.

Your favourite time of the year and why? I think it's the rainy season. The city is cool, looks refreshingly green and lush and it also brings in my birthday.

I only wish we had cleaner roads and less flies. I love winters since I am from Delhi and I was born n brought up in that city. We have superb winters back home. Nope, nothing that I'm guilty about. I wear my conscience up my sleeve.

harshad arora and preetika rao dating after divorce

No food or beverage or substance related guilt indulgences too I'm satvik. I love eating sweets of all kinds Indians and foreign and lots of chocolates. The places you love most abroad and why?

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I love America because it us a very tourist-friendly country. Friendly people too and one place where you find men of every race walking on one street in a happy environment.

harshad arora and preetika dating after divorce

It is also a traveller's paradise. He tries to make Zain believe Aaliya has an affair with but Rehan exposes him and Zubair gets thrown out of the house. Zain's ego and arrogance starts to threaten his marriage with Aaliya. During all this, Rizwan expresses his love for Aayat and they get engaged. Shazia's sister, Gauhar, becomes pregnant with Rizwan's child.

Because of this, Aaliya and Zain have a tiff. Aayat and Aaliya also have a falling-out. On the day of Eid, Zain gets Rizwan and Aayat secretly married. Because of this, the family starts hating Aaliya.

Osman then dies and the blame falls on Aaliya, thus Zain tortures her before he gives her a divorce. Rehan soon finds out that Nafisa was behind all this. He exposes her by recording her confession. After this, Nafisa turns good and promises to reunite Aaliya and Zain. A heartbroken Aaliya leaves for Hyderabad without telling anyone. Once Aaliya is gone, Zain learns of her innocence, and regrets his actions.

Aaliya plays hard to get, but Zain manages to win her back eventually. They want to remarry, but according to the Islam laws, Aaliya would have to perform the Halala Nikaah where she must marry another man before she can remarry Zain.

harshad arora and preetika dating after divorce

She chooses her trusted friend Rehan. It is then revealed that, Rehan's wife's death was caused by Suraiyya. He gets her arrested. An angry Rehan stops Zain and Aaliya from meeting and also decides not to divorce Aaliya. He even tries to kill Aaliya.

Harshad arora and preetika rao dating after divorce

Zain saves her along with Zara Astha Agarwalwhich makes Rehan realise his mistake, and he frees Aaliya. Zain and Aaliya get remarried and the family is happy.

During all this, Nafisa becomes pregnant again which infuriates Shazia. She plans to kill the baby along with the help of Surraiya's sister, Zareena Kamya Punjabi. Witnessing this, Shazia thanks Nafisa for saving her child and reveals how she planned to kill her unborn child.

harshad arora and preetika dating after divorce

The family hears this and Fahad slaps Shazia but Nafisa stops him and tells him to forgive Shazia. Fahad does and the family is happy yet again. Soon after this, Zain's look-alike, Rocket Fernandes Harshad Aroratries to take Zain's place because he loves Aaliyabut gets exposed. Seeing them fight, Zain and Aaliya remember their journey from hatred to love.