Hannah hart and ingrid nilsen dating

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hannah hart and ingrid nilsen dating

Mar 25, Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen officially confirmed their breakup earlier this week. The couple announced they were dating last fall, but. Hannah Hart is something of a millennial Cinderella: A funny DIY . Everything I read is about Kristen Stewart dating Annie Clark. Right! It's so cool, though. The only public relationship that I've had was with Ingrid [Nilsen]. Mar 26, There's been some sad news from the world of YouTube, with lovely couple Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen announcing that they've split.

Nilsen has quite come a long way on Youtube.

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A now-confident Ingrid reportedly started her Youtube business with the aim of enhancing her confidence and overcoming her fear of speaking publicly. She began by making videos on trendy topics like fashion, beauty, and makeup. Nilsen is currently breaking grounds on the San Bruno-headquartered video-sharing website. In fact, her second channel has pulled a huge number of fans from the world as her first one.

hannah hart and ingrid nilsen dating

She currently has a total of over 4 million subscribers. Talking about her family, there is less information related to her flesh and blood.

From what we know, however, her father was an architect that motivated her to pursue architecture during her schooling. He reportedly father died due to stroke. At the time, what she enjoyed most was staring at girls.

hannah hart and ingrid nilsen dating

Growing up, the Youtube sensation went on to date men because she was scared of not being accepted by society because of her sexual preference.

Not satisfied with what she got from the opposite sex in previous relationships, Nilsen took a courageous step on June 9,when revealed she was gay in an emotional YouTube video that was viewed by over 12 million people. Unlike Nilsen, Hannah has been open about her sexuality for years and is two years older than Ingrid.

The 12 Ways Hangrid Were The Most Inspirational Couple On YouTube Ever - We The Unicorns

Even before they announced their relationship, fans genuinely rooted for them. The Tumblr tag Hangrid started rolling around before their relationship announcement came to be canon. It was literally like watching our own dreams come true, and whilst we may have woken up from the dream now, back in September Hannah and Ingrid could not have looked any happier or felt anymore comfortable with each other. Hangrid's split was mutually respected by both parties, and a sign of maturity we all need to follow.

Both Hannah and Ingrid uploaded their ' split ' tweet at the exact moment approximately two months after the real breakup.

We love Hannah Hart and Ingrid Nilsen's love

But what shone through all the tears and screaming we did was the fact that they still spoke very highly of each other, saying that it was a mutual decision and that they still loved each other dearly. This point is particularly poignant, as the two split up amicably - not something we often say when two public figures end their relationship. They prove that even if you aren't in romantic love, you can still be BFF's. As a couple, they were intellectual equals. So often in stereotypical, tv-and-movie-based relationships there's always 'a funny one and a serious one', or 'a smart one and a stylish one', or some other stupid combination.

But Hangrid stood as couple with two incredibly feisty, passionate and intellectual young women who both desperately wanted to help the world. Either for poverty or gender identity, Hannah and Ingrid were sure to have had the best pillow talk in the world.

Hannah, as a loud and proud lesbian, and Ingrid, as a publicly positive ambassador for self-expression and coming out truthfully, both acted as superb role models for young men and women growing up in Ingrid went so far to grill President Obama about the awful Tampon Tax taking place in America and encouraged young ladies to learn more and be more active about the health of their vagina - further proof their relationship wasn't just about Netflix and Chilling.

hannah hart and ingrid nilsen dating

People were shipping them two years before Hangrid became official. Nearly two years before their relationship started and way before Ingrid's coming outthe two worked together on the Holy Trinity 's first feature length movie, Camp Takota. Ingrid had previously mentioned that Hannah was one of her YouTube idols, so it must have been incredible to work together on the movie, but it was here that the shipping began.

Their friendship was written in the stars.

hannah hart and ingrid nilsen dating

Hannah was one of the first YouTubers to support Ingrid when she came out. On practically all her social media channels, Hannah was one of the happiest and first people on the Internet to congratulate Ingrid on her sexual awakening. Couple or not, Hannah and Ingrid supported each others decisions and praised each of their battles and accomplishments.