Glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating profiles

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glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating profiles

As they develop a secret Dom/sub relationship, Blaine's friendship with Kurt begins Character(s)/Pairing(s): Noah Puckerman/Rachel Berry/Finn Hudson aka. What secret has Puck been harbouring almost 6 years and will one couple get a into my head and I just had to wrote it for my fan fiction profile. Kurt squeezed Rachel's hand "come on lets check get this party started! . She never discussed her relationship with Finn to him and he never asked. The New Berry (A Glee Fanfic/Ryder Lynn Love Story) . Maybe they were testing out their relationship to see if it was going to work then Rachel is on the screen quickly and sees Ryley's messy attire and her hugging the pillow. . Ryley accepted his apology but threatened him that if he kept secrets like that from her, she.

Mercedes Jones spotted Quinn as she was walking in " hey gir-" The large but beautiful African American didn't get the chance to Finish her sentence as Quinn breezed by her in ignorance.

The rest of the evening went off without a hitch the group spent hours chatting and catch up on their lives. Puck told them about his job as a student conciliar and music teacher and Beth. Everyone sang their praises.

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They were so happy he'd finally made something of himself. Tina and Mike talked about their wedding and how while he worked as a dance teacher and choreographer to the stars Tina chose to be a house wife although Tina was 8 months pregnant this was not her first baby. Her and Mike had a 2 year old son named Harry.

The gang was fascinated to hear Santana and Brittany ran their own buisness a community and help centre for Gay men and women who needed guidance. Matt and Sam were both lawyers and subsequently met at the same law school and were both surprised to learn they shared the same group of friends.

Finn confessed he was running Burt's garage and told them of how he and Quinn who called it right was an anchor women got back together and got married.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating profiles

Rachel snickered when Finn admitted they were happily living in Lima. Artie was so exited to talk them through his career as a song writer. A far cry from his Death Jam Poetry. As for Rachel …. She told them about her first Broadway show. She got the lead in Rent and was living in a penthouse in New York city with Kurt who had become her agent and stylist when she wasn't on stage she taught acting classes at a local high school.

He'd had never told her how much that song meant to him. He lead them in a slow dance around the dance floor as the others talked to each other in between watching the two close friends dance.

I didn't want to bother you with my problems. The now 22 year old young man pulled Rachel a little closer "baby …. Letting go of Rachel he pulled his cell phone from his inside pocket not realising something fell out of it as he did.

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Puck opened up the text message he received and read it over before looking back up at Rachel. Beth's had a bad dream After he was out of site Rachel turned to go back the table to the gleeks when a white square of paper caught her eye.

Kneeling down she picked it up and turned it around there starring up at her was a photo booth strip of her and Noah. She recognised it from the week they dated back in soft more year. Why would Noah possibly still have this almost 6 years later. He was here because of my mother, not for our set list. He apologised for that and he's a better friend than you guys are even if he's across the country.

They'd never heard Rachel yell like that. Schue wanted to give me that solo because I deserve it. You're all just sitting their expecting to get solos thrown at you. I'm sick of carrying all the weight. So until all of you learn to work for yourself I'm out. I'd like to see you win without me! We'll see where you end. Rachel looked at Santana and all she could see was pride. Santana's eyes flickered to something behind Rachel. Everyone turned to see who it was and there he stood in all his badass glory.

Santana came up and gave him a quick hug as he said "I'm here visiting my girl. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers right in front of everyone. He wasn't complaining seeing that he hadn't seen her in three months.

All glee members except for Santana, who watched everyone's faces with an evil grin, gasped. Rachel and Noah pulled away apart and looked at him. I don't like you and you need to stop asking me out because the answer is no and always will be!

I love Noah and no one is going to change that!

Rachel Santana Finn Don't look but Finn's coming this way. What, why can't he just leave me alone. Hey Rachel, I was wondering, you, me, Breadstix, 8 o'clock?

Hey Finn, I was wondering, are, you, as, stupid as you look? I'm sorry Finn but I don't like you anymore and will you please stop asking me out? I won't stop Rachel! Rachel never understood this when Quinn explained her reasoning for keeping their realationship quiet.

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He tried to talk her into coming back. Mr Schuester looked at her confused. Get her a strong male lead or she's gone. Schuester planted weed in Finn's after hearing him sing locker only to find it and blackmail him into joining the Glee club.

Rachel showed up for rehersal not paying attention to the new member to the club. It was only when he start singing to the Grease classic that she seen him. He seemed familar but she didn't know why.

glee fanfiction rachel and puck secret dating profiles

She remembered it was her turn to sing. So she used her acting skills and pretended her was Quinn. I ain't no Kelly Rowland! She sat on her bed and was listening to Les Mis playist on her iTouch when she seen the blonde cheerio's body near her was hanging onto a tree branch near the window.

She swung near the window waiting for Rachel to open her window and she didn't have to wait long. Rachel opened her window and held her hand out to grab her girlfriend's. Quinn smiled as she felt that familar tingle she felt whenever they touched. The blonde was now in her girlfriend's room on what she knew was limited time.

She wanted to ask Rachel was she alright after that morning when she was upset in the bleachers but she never got the chance. Rachel had one arm around Quinn's waist and she pulled the blonde in for a passionate kiss on the lips. She missed the way that Quinn smelled like vanilla and cinnamon. Little did Rachel know Quinn loved that very same thing about Rachel. She loved how Rachel always smelled of berries.

Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry. She was like that crazy chick Suzy Peppers and her obsession with peppers only Rachel would never crush on Will Schuester and Rachel wasn't crazy. She was just ambitious. Their kiss had become heated. Quinn had thrown Rachels blue sweater over Rachels head and had begun opening the buttons on Rachel's shirt when Rachel heard a creak on the stairs and abruptly stopped the kiss and began pushing Quinn into her closet.

The door to Rachel's swung open just as Rachel had closed the closet door. He eyed her up before he left but thought nothing of it.