Dating and academic performance

dating and academic performance

The Effects of Romantic Relationships on the Academic Performance of .. Consequently, “half of all teens have been in a dating relationship and nearly one. tendency to overlook dating partners as a source of social influence may trace back to the assess whether the dating partner's level of academic performance . Introduction > Models of school learning > Walberg's theory of educational productivity. Effect student outcomes. In facilitating.

Number seventeen of the survey was put in place to eliminate participants not fully cooperating. The design was non-experimental correlational research.

The two variables evaluated were grade point average and dating status. Procedure asked the participants to fill out a survey prepared for the research. For the purposes of remaining anonymous, participants were also asked not to put their names any where on the survey.

Impact of Relationships of Academic Achievement of At Risk Students

Participants were given up to 15 minutes to perform this task, although extra time was allotted if needed. Once the task was completed, participants were debriefed and the experimenters answered any questions they may have.

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No potential risks were expected. Students were instructed that all information surveyed is both voluntary and anonymous.

Information regarding counseling services on campus was provided to all participants. REULTS An independent samples T-test was performed to find any relationship between grade point average and involvement in a romantic relationship.

It was hypothesized that students who were involved in romantic relationships would not perform as well academically in undergraduate course work. A relationship was observed between participants involved in relationships and higher levels of stress. In a sample of seventy-five undergraduate students attending Loyola University New Orleans, the mean age was No significant relationships were found between the two variables of grade point average and involvement in a romantic relationship.

In fact, the t value was so insignificant the number must be taken out four decimal places. Although the original hypothesis was not statistically proven, a correlation was found between motivation and higher stress levels amongst the participants involved in romantic relationships. Individuals involved in relationships are forced to manage their time and experience more stressors because of the relationship. Time was broken down into three activities: Amount of time studying on an average week was analyzed with a mean score of A higher number of participants would have been beneficial to the research.

Seventy-five students did not prove to be a big enough sample. Researchers used a convenient sample, but in the future would recommend a larger sample size from differing sources. Another factor influencing data was the composition of the survey. The scale, rating zero through five, should have been presented at the top of each page limiting the amount of confusion from flipping back to the original scale.

Numbering might also been improved.

Dating & Academic Performance

The scale used rated strongly disagree as a numerical value of five and strongly agree rated as a one. Data might have been compromised by the confusion of the participants. Romantic relationships, or the lack there of, play a role in the majority of people in society. Individuals involved in relationships face shoulder more responsibility than their counter part. It is partaking in these relationships which shape and mold people into the individuals that they are.

Aituisi Department of Statistics N. Yakubu Department of Computer Science O. Bada Department Of Statistics Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Nigeria Introduction College life can be stressful, although it is undoubtedly one of the most memorable experiences in one's life. It represents a critical developmental period for both late adolescents and young adults Chickering, Social factors such as romantic relationships, organizations and clubs, and sports activities have been found to have effects on students' academic performance.

These social factors affect academic performance in terms of time demanded and the psychological state they may cause. A student may be influenced to be involved in any of the stated variables. The question is how one strikes a balance between the stressful academic attainment and social activities. Environment Environment comprises factors that play a role in academic performance.

The environment may be physical or socio-physical. All factors have a direct or indirect relationship with students' performance. Romantic Relationships The daily routine of university life brings new sleeping and eating habits, increased workload, and new responsibilities. University students are prone to stress due to the transitional nature of university life Wright, They must adjust to being away from home, perhaps for the first time, and maintain a balance between high level of academic success and a new social environment.

These daily stressors do not cause anxiety by themselves. Stress results from interactions between stressor and the individual's perception and reaction to them Romano, The amount of stress experienced may be influenced by the individual's ability to effectively cope with stressful events or situations Zurilla and Sheedy, A romantic relationship may ease environmental stress Berger, Paul and White observe that being in an intimate relationship involves trust, sensitivity, and responsiveness, being able to make a commitment, striving for equity and mutuality.

For a student, it also means working to achieve academic balance. However, Zimmer and Ginerbec find dating has a positive effect on the emotional health of adolescents. The study supported a significant relationship between dating status and academic achievement, which can cause serious problems among university students Prisbell, While having an intimate relationship may have benefits for emotional health, that being overly involved in dating is associated with a more negative effect on the psychosocial function and health of students Baumeister, Research Problem This study is asks the following questions: What is the effect of romantic relationships on the academic performance of university students?

While involved in a relationship during college, one might be forced to choose either studying for school or spending time with the significant other, leaving the student with increased amounts of stress. Level of commitment to the relationship must also be taken into consideration.

dating and academic performance

A student who is involved in an exclusive relationship differs from the student involved in a casual dating relationship. An article found on the Internet, which related to the topic of interest, showed research where Sgobbo studied the disadvantages and advantages of dating in college. It was found that one hundred percent of the fifty male participants surveyed agreed that dating in college provides benefits. It was also shown that males who dated while in college felt a higher level of self-esteem through social interaction.

Dating provided them constant interaction with students of the opposite sex. The research mainly focused on the benefits of these relationships in college as it related to the individuals self esteem and interaction while in social settings.

One of the most crucial times in this development is high school. A study conducted by Quatman, Sampson, Robinson and Watson among high school students in California. Researchers examined the relationship between dating status and academic achievement, academic motivation, depression, and self-esteem. Although high school students do not face as many distractions, the affiliation can still be made between the two. The research focused on the frequency of dating and not so much the level of commitment.

Results showed a relationship between dating more frequently and lower academic performance. In moderation, dating can help your academic life. Happy Relationships, Better Performance As with any other aspect of your social life, the more comfortable you feel in your dating relationship, the better you are likely to perform in school. If you experience the death of a loved one, have a fight with your best friend or a date that is too demanding, your studies may decline.

On the other hand, a happy social and family life can help you do better in school. You can discuss your day with your partner and have a shoulder to lean on when you are feeling overwhelmed.

dating and academic performance

You will be able to focus better and may feel more motivated to get good grades. Supportive Partners A supportive dating partner can encourage you when you need to be motivated.