Dating a divorced cancer man and leo

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dating a divorced cancer man and leo

Love match compatibility between Cancer man and Leo woman. Read about the Cancer male love relationship with Leo female. Gemini also likes the way Cancer responds to his or her sense of . It's ok, if you got the kids from your last divorce, that won't stop her from dating you. If you're dating a Cancer male, be prepared to go to swap meets, and. Relationships between a Cancer man and a Leo woman may start out as a challenge but can ultimately be pretty incredible. Read more about this.

Our relationship was quite complicated since he had just broken up with his so called "first love". I guess he was also my first love. We started to like each other after they broke up, and so our relationship was the typical young love.

We lasted almost 3 months. What I found in our relationship was is that we were very fond of each other. I thought it was love, but thinking about it now - I think I was just in love with the idea of being in love with him and believing that he loved me back. He was still an amazing guy, but indecisive - never took any initiative and was moody at times.

Cancer men are very hard to understand. It's hard to get through to him when he doesn't open up when your trying to show them you're serious and want to be with him. It's like he won't let you in. In the end, he was a great guy. I miss him and I still love him to this day, and think of him often.

I think we fit ok with them "not perfect" but all we need is communication, caring, and loving I notice most of the frustration are coming from Leo women. The Leo female are so full of pride that it obscures their vision for observing their own flaws and negatives. Leo women have a streak of selfishness, endorsed by the fact they want all your attention.

A Cancer doesn't mind given you attention but a Cancer, like every human being, wants reciprocation - at the same level of what was given Leo will only do a favor for the sake of getting one back, and she will make you remember what she did for you. Basically, a Leo woman can't take the dirt she dishes out. And a hurt Cancer will seek payback, which she will hate. If you are hurt, the Leo woman expects you to get 'back to normal' in a time that fits her.

She hates when you are moody, but lacks the awareness of realizing how her actions may have hurt the Cancer, or how deeply. A cancer, fully aware of his self-awareness finds this damn right irritable. A Leo wants you to commit first. But the proud Leo, with her head held up, does not want to understand, and will always want to believe you are wrong and she is right - even when it is glaringly obvious who's in the wrong.

What kills this relationship in essence is pride. But if you act like you don't care, the Cancer will simply revert into his shell and over time a short amount even this becomes a constant battle. Where the Cancer is willing to lay his heart on the table bare, Leo holds back due to pride of being naked. There are common similarities to be sure with these signs, in perception of life, both somewhat delve in fantasy, both romantic, both passionate.

But if there is no compromise Leo women often complain of Cancer passiveness in bed. Its not so much that we are passive - its the fact that we have over-active imaginations and we don't want you to feel like a slut in bed unless you request But at the same time, when a Cancer does follow his vivid imagination to the extreme Leo women are incredibly indecisive.

Its not that Leo can't understand the intensity of the Cancer, its just that they don't always want to And on the subject of money, Leo over-spend and then regret. Leo women, whilst caring and intimate and sexually adventurous when they want to beare underlined with a selfish, self-centered and taking nature.

Cancer men, you can fall for anything when you start imagining fantasies and if you don't understand the depth of your worth! Avoid the heartbreak - Only water signs will truly understand us. I am a young Leo woman with a young Cancer man in my life. We have been friends for about 4 years. We have had a short "fling" or two in the past but I always feel as if my feelings for him are stronger than his towards me.

I know he's fallen for a few girls in the last 2 or 3 years and I don't believe that he is over them but I can't help but wondering why he neglects me. I find that we lack a lot in communication but the one thing that has stood out mainly is the sex. The sex with him is amazing and I find that it's what is keeping me from forgetting about him.

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I don't see us as extremely compatible but when it comes to sex we are a perfect match. I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin around a man as I do with him and I'd love to entertain the idea of a relationship as we have before but I can't see it getting very serious. I wish he would give me more attention though because it bothers me that he isn't interested in anything with me but sex. But hey, if it's not meant to be it's not meant to be and I'm not going to complain about a good lay once in a while.

I am a Leo woman. In the beginning it was like a magnet and his attentiveness kinda got me to open up more and I fell in love with him ever since. I asked him to be more than just friends, he said okay and then as the days passes he is getting moody.

I don't really understand the Cancer man at all. Now I am about to give up on him completely. Tired of waiting for him, however he claimed to love me but then he is not ready, I don't know ready for what!.

What it's like to date a Cancer man

I am a Leo woman, I need attention and flattery, and love. Once I give up that's it. I never had a Cancer as a boyfriend but I did sort of date one once. I think of all the signs, if he is in love with you, they seem to be the one of few signs that will not put themselves in situations that lead to cheating or constant flirting with other women like Aries, Sags, Libras, and Pisces tend to do.

They seem to have more loyalty than most other signs. They are more emotional and they do seem to point out your flaws every so often which is a huge turn off for Leos.

But, I think of all the signs to worry of, this one at least doesn't seem to be a cheater sign like others that are supposedly compatible with Leos. I love Cancer men and I don't know why!

dating a divorced cancer man and leo

They are so confusing and mysterious and I thought I didn't like all the games but I guess I do. It's like I can spot them out I'm like drawn to them and Taurus men but that's a different story. I am a Cancer man and I fell madly in love with a Leo woman. She is my world! The first couple of years were the best years of my life. Yes I am very moody and sensitive and can be very insensitive toward the needs of others and selfish but I still care deeply.

I know, I'm crazy. I married this beautiful Leo woman her name is Kinnon. We had such an incredible initial attraction to one another. The love was more amazing than anything I could have ever imagined! But when resonsibilities like working a lot, babies and just making sacrifices for each other is when things got ugly. Both of these signs have selfish characteristics about them. My wife left me ealier this year and it completely destroyed me!

My advise to the Cancer man in this situation is just love and accept the Leo woman. She is vibrent, beautiful and loves attention and loves the attention from almost any man that will give it to her! But you know what? She absolutely loves you!

She is a flirt by nature. This kind of energy fuels a Leo woman and makes her feel on top of the world. Makes her feel uphoric. But you can harness this energy and use it to your advantage if you don't get all emotional and butt hurt about it. It takes a lot of disecting your own feelings and emotions to understand this relationship. You just want to feel loved by her and she just wants to feel loved I am still trying get this Leo woman that I love back in to my life and it has been all on me.

This is where the " stick you're foot in to the water before jumping in" comes in to play. Again, again, and again. Us poor Cancer boys are so affraid of heartbreak. Just tell us you love us and you will never hurt us and rub are backs while doing it! We just need to feel absolutely loved by you! Im a Leo woman in my late 20s and was with a Cancer for 13 yrs, we have 2 children together and I absolutely adored him, couldnt wait for him to get home everyday!

I never did much with my friends but didn't have the desire to, then my best friend moved to town so I wanted to hang out with her some thats where it all went down hill. He became so clingy it was insane, I dealt with it for almost 2 yrs then decided I have had enough so I left. He was very disturbed and 2 yrs later still hung up on me, since then I have met another Cancer and I have put it all out there on the table so hopefully he understands my needs I think Cancers are great in bed, very caring and for sure what a Leo needs: Regardless of the signs involved, I've found that when you spend most of your time criticizing and complaining about your mate, then the writing is on the wall and you might as well walk.

Neither of you will be happy in that scenario. When couples start doing this, the relationship is doomed to end soon - you can bet money on it. I'm quickly falling in love with a Cancer man. The timing has been an issue though. It took over a year for him to even talk to me although I noticed him right away. Then he asked me out twice I was thrilled but it took months before he followed through.

I can't tell you how many times, in spite of my very obvious attraction, I became frustrated and decided it was time to give up and move on. I was pretty convinced he wasn't really interested.

But there is a huge upside as well. I actually got an opportunity to know him quite well before we ever had that first date. So I was hooked long before he ever made a move. He is very cautious and does not do anything impulsively. He has a very calm, powerful presence with a ton of charm on the side. He is such a gentleman and so respectful and I never feel threatened or pressured just seduced - he always leaves me wanting more.

I can look in his eyes and talk to him for hours. Deep, spiritual, restrained, soooooo hot. The trick for a Leo girl is not to push too hard or too fast. This needs to be HIS idea. Let him "sniff you out" until he's sure. Give him time and space to make up his mind. And it can take a painfully l o and g time before he will venture out of his shell.

But beware, once he does, he is a man like NO other and sets the bar so high that no other guy can ever compete. He'll have your heart completely. I absolutely adore him!! Hi I just recently met a Cancer man he is 38 and I am a Leo woman i'm 30 when we met the connection was instant within our inner selves I really really like this man he challenges me to do better than what I already do without verbally doing so and I love it but he is very diffilcult to read and is very very private I texted him for thanksgiving "It's Thanksgiving!

I Love You and i'm thankful that you are in my life" and his reply was "I feel the same about you" is this a good sign? Cancer men are very undecided and passive in bed. I am a Leo woman and Leo women need someone playful, they need a man to take care of them. They are great guys but not sure if they are the best for Leo women Leo woman here, way into a Cancer man Maybe mine is different I love his intensity and emotion. The moodiness, oh, so what! We leo's have our moods too.

That hardly is a big fault in my eyes. Faults are lying, cheating, laziness, etc. Give em a break. As to the guy complaining about selfish, one way leos But My Cancer is close to perfect and all i'd ever want. As for the sex, he rocks my world. Very dominant and totally sexy! I am willing to try things with him I never thought I'd dobecause he knows exactly how to keep this cat purring. He handles me just right. Match made in heaven. I am a Leo woman and I just recently started dating a Cancer man.

I am falling in love with him already. He is so wonderful; everything that I have been wanting in a man but I thought I would never find. He is so caring and respectful. Yes, he loves to cuddle, but he doesn't over-do it. He appears to be a wonderful father to his children.

I haven't seen the "moody" side of him that I keep reading about in Cancer men, but I feel that everyone has a moody side to them. We are so much alike, and we seem to want the same things in life. I do agree that a Cancer man and a Leo woman tend to have amazing sex together.

dating a divorced cancer man and leo

When making love, the emotional and the physical are both so wonderful that words cannot even describe it!! I am so grateful that I met a Cancer man, because I feel like I have finally met the man that I will spend the rest of my life with. I still have a lot to learn but truly love him. I am a 20 yr old Leo from Asia. I got myself into a relationship with a 35 yr.

He calls me often and would talk for hours during the holiday. In just 3 weeks of communicating, he asked me to be his gf. I was teary eyes I don't know and asked him if he is sure and serious and I said yes. He can sometimes be sweet but not extremely sweet as my Taurus ex and he can suddenly just turn cold. I don't want to doubt his sincerity and I'm trying to adjust as much as possible when sometimes I think he doesn't give ample time to our relationship because he calls me less when the holidays were over.

Something that she cannot define. Almost as though a little voice inside her head is warning her of something. Warning her of what though? That little something is her feeling of him being a Cardinal sign please read previous post on Quadruplicity for further detail. That means behind his politeness, sweet laugh and wonderful sense of humor, he subtly manages everything in his life….

He will never project a poor temper or act as a chauvinistic pig, he will just expect her to follow his gentle lead. Leo women are never intimidated by a direct challenge, in fact it amuses them.

When you meet this couple you will not believe what I just wrote above. You will see her huge fiery aura dripping in jewels and covered in sparkles.

Her laugh and presence can fill an entire room, you may not even notice that he is there. Just remember, that behind the scenes he is actually running the show. Women born under this sign would rather do the hurting than risk being hurt, because they have such thin skin. So, instead of waiting for their hubby to get intimate with someone else, they decide to get a little adulterous first. Does it make sense? Physical Cheating via tumblr.

Because of this weakness, she can easily fall prey to the gaze of someone else, which she will gladly welcome. This sign is known for its propensity for physical cheating, especially because they are such a seductive and physical sign.

They love to be loved and they love getting it on, because they enjoy having all eyes and attention on them. While this sign is loyal, they are too often tempted by cheating physically, even if their heart and mind still belong with their married partner. Unrealistic Expectations via greatist. The divorce situation for a Virgo woman really will be a combination of all the little things adding up. Constant Confrontation via tumblr.

They are expert negotiators and the woman you want to settle everyone down when things get too heated. This sign is naturally harmonious and strives for balance wherever possible.

Despite always wanting to be in a partnership with someone, her sense of self-preservation and the goading of her inner circle might be enough to convince her to call it quits. Rather than waiting for their partner to file for divorce, though, this sign will take charge and serve them the papers themselves, because if the hot and heavy nature of their marriage is gone, what reason do they have of sticking around?