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Shorts, T-shirts and a friendly vibe tend to dominate among people who rarely take themselves too seriously (unless they're trying to be trendy in a. Dan: Good question, not sure, a lot of it comes down to the final speech. Jersey Other than the last day when you won, if you could re-live one day. Dan gheesling and kesha dating. Jul April won the fourth Head of Household competition of the season, and nominated Jessie and Memphis for.

I always had to battle it. Who was really a vile personin the house? How about we saywho was the most un-clean? The person with the least amount of personalhygiene was Jerry, but we still loved him. Was it just us or were you always yelling tothe camera in the diary room? Are you just a loud talker?

I tried to bevery inconspicuous, very calm, in the house. But after school as a coach I like to get fired up.

Memphis Garrett Post BB success, Whiskey Breath Jewellery and LA Superclubs

That was my chance. I took itand ran with it. I have to start with what you said at the start of the game …that you think a trip to confession will help wipe the slate clean. Are you gonna go? And what on earth will you say? Mary community was behind me percent. I playedBig Brother the best that I could.

I stayed within the confines of therules, though there are no rules in Big Brother. Were you hurt by that or were you more hurt bythe implication that Jessie, of all people, represented Jesus in thatscenario? It was like water running off my back.

Memphis Garrett Post Big Brother Success, Whiskey Breath Jewellery and LA Superclubs

I never let it pull me in. I knew what they were trying to do, but itwas not worth getting into personal fight over religion.

I was focusedon the game. Jerry was in your face a lot.

'Big Brother 10' winner Dan Gheesling on house hygiene, the Judas comment, and his future plans

Did he scare you? Can we go back to that HOH competition whenMichelle won and we heard Jerry trash-talking you in the background? Doyou remember all the crap he said? When Michelle won, it felt likeJerry won. He got so fired up andmade it so personal, but I never did anything to him in the game. Ivoted Jessie out, not Jerry. In his two appearances on the series, he became the first and only winner to make it to the final two twice.

April won the fourth Head of Household competition of the season, and nominated Jessie and Memphis for eviction.

This was the one case where I gotlucky with it. After turning on a deal made with Ollie, Dan nominated Michelle as a replacement when Memphis saved himself. She nominated those who she felt responsible for his eviction - Angie and Jessie. He chose to take his alliance member and closest friend Memphis to the finale.

He nominated Jessie and Renny but when Jessie was taken off the block he put Brian up. Memphis has particularly close relationships with Dan and Keesha.

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Monica was pretty supportive but I had some questions to answer. Any girl would hate to see her boyfriend in bed with a girl as beautiful and charming and nice as Keesha, but we were just friends. Chinese women love to hang out with guys as much as any other girl. Memphis attended Florida State University and earned an associate degree in event management. It's not hard to get jealous of these women that Criss Angel has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.

Other than that I may invest it. We saw your girlfriend Monica hug you at the end. Sexy british ex-gf fucked whilst she moans on holiday. Keesha then won the Power of Veto but did not use it. Keesha agreed with Michelle and said that she did not like Libra either. Dan's tasks were to get Jessie nominated, hug Jessie for ten seconds, and vote for Jessie in the eviction ceremony. It was like water running off my back.