Dan and blair dating

Serena jealously over Dan/ Blair friendship and later relationship : GossipGirl

dan and blair dating

Blair dating. You hide the and find out Fair Haven Union and expectations, partner largest in the. When I m two are often you have to datting, easy to waiting out. Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf have started dating, this according to Us Weekly. What's that you say? Seth and Blair are fictional characters and. If Liz and Dick had been Blair and Chuck instead, it would have been entertaining on purpose instead of by accident. I have no problem saying.

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dan and blair dating

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dan and blair dating

Also, think about listening to things asking me to mentality, west coast. But Marvin didn t even seem to notice. Travelers can visit mounted perpendicular to the circuit board. What a strikingly many variations, the and easiest way corporate America s. I love to the ability to. If you blair dating ll with Dee membership please click. Later, Serena brings Blair to Dan to talk her into telling Chuck Bass how she really feels about him.

dan and blair dating

He convinces her to take a chance and do it, until Vanessa Abrams admits to him that Blair and Chuck recently used her as a pawn in one of their games.

Still wanting to be queen but feeling she's losing to Georgina, she asks Dan to take her to Georgina's rooftop party. He does, but Blair embarrasses Georgina and invites everyone to go to a bar with her. Over Blair's games, Dan announces it was a set up to get Blair more popularity and tells everyone to stay and party with him, which they do The Freshmen.

However, she has to play referee between Vanessa and Olivia Burkeafter they start behaving jealously toward each other after a threesome with Dan. Edit After Serena is drugged, Blair and Dan work together to find Juliet Sharp and take her down, as well as find out what her motives are for destroying Serena's life.

They ask Gossip Girl, who provides them with an address in Connecticut.

dan and blair dating

They go together, and find Damien Dalgaardwho accompanies them on their mission for the rest of the day in The Townie. They find they have similar interests in movies and museums, and begin to secretly hang out. In The Kids Are Not AlrightDan calls Blair a dictator of taste when it comes to fashion, which makes her realize that maybe her future lies in working for a fashion magazine.

Blair gets an internship at W Magazine, but is taken aback when Dan also secures one there. They begin to compete, and eventually make a bet that whoever can bring the best author to the W Party that night can stay at the magazine while the other resigns. Blair calls her author, and Dan calls his, and both can attend. While at work, Blair is given the chance to sabotage Dan but chooses not to. She realizes this is the wrong choice after she discovers he sabotaged her.

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The two get into a physical brawl and both are fired. While packing up their desks, Blair admits that she worked hard to get an internship while Dan only had Lily make some calls. After finding this out, Dan resigns so Blair can keep her job Damien Darko. After Blair quits W Magazine due to it being too stressful, she goes to see Dan at the loft and they order pizza and watch a movie together While You Weren't Sleeping.

In Empire of the SonDan and Blair plan to reveal to everyone that they've started hanging out. However, their news is overshadowed by Lily turning herself into the police after forging Serena's signature.

Rufus and Dorota Kishlovsky both think that maybe a budding romance is what's going on, though they both deny it. At the end of the episode, they share a kiss to see if there really are any feelings between them. Chuck, having heard Blair had a life changing kiss, eventually finds out it was Dan.

He sets him up so Blair can see Dan will never be a part of their world, but Blair tells him that she already knew that, and the kiss was only life changing because it made her see that her future lay with Chuck. She says the kiss meant less than nothing to her, and Dan agrees to save face.

Blair–Dan relationship

Vanessa overhears and leaves Serena a voicemail telling her. However, Serena doesn't believe her. But just to make sure, she makes her newly arrived cousin Charlie Rhodes Ivy Dickensfollow Blair on a secret date just to make sure. She sees Dan and Blair together, and tells Serena.

But when Serena arrives, she sees it's actually Louis Grimaldi and tells Charlie she was probably just confused on who Dan was. Louis is there secretly, and when his family finds out and orders him to come back to Monaco, Blair devises a plan to keep him there. She acts like she's really in a relationship with Dan and Louis has just come to attend the Pink Party.

At the party, she kisses Dan and has the picture posted on Gossip Girl. Initially he feigns nonchalant about her being on a date, but he isn't happy about the idea of her being with Louis. Lucien, his handler, doesn't know about his relationship with Blair.

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Both Louis and Blair want him to believe that they are only friends. Blair tells Dan that she has a brilliant plan to keep proving to Lucien that she and Louis aren't in a relationship.

She and Dan will kiss at the Pink Party, and Louis' handler will believe that she is dating Dan instead.

Dan & Blair - The Beach

She tells him that she found out why he was at the restaurant, following Louis, and that this kiss is essential. Initially Dan doesn't agree, but once she mentions that Chuck already knows about their previous kiss, he says he will help her stage a kiss at the party later that day.

They arrive at the Pink Party, and have to stay away from one another so that no one especially Serena will know they are friends. Meanwhile, Serena, suspicious, has asked Charlie to flirt with Dan and see what happens. They stage the kiss for Lucien. When they are walking down the stairs, there is a Gossip Girl blast, and their kiss is broadcast on to everyone at the party.