Brad maddox and paige dating

Booker T comments on the Paige controversy via the Heated Conversations podcast : SquaredCircle

brad maddox and paige dating

Brad Maddox is at the center of a scandal surrounding leaked photos and videos of WWE superstars Paige and Xavier Woods. Paige is now dating former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio. Published Mar 20, at More explicit footage of former WWE star Paige has been leaked online. Paige, born Saraya-Jade Bevis on August 17, , is an English former WWE wrestler. Over the weekend, a new sex tape starring Paige, Xavier Woods, Brad Maddox and another man leaked online. Brad Maddox has become an internet sensation in no time thanks to the leaked videos and photos of Paige. The former WWE superstar, who.

They can change like a chameleon; how can you actually fix that not happening to you again?

brad maddox and paige dating

Just think about wanting a job as a teacher now, or something like that and work with kids, and the first things when you are looking for employment these days is to go on your social media, go online and check your profile and see exactly what you have done in the past. For me, everyone knows I have a record, which has follows me until the end of time.

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Something like this is going to follow Paige for the end of time. You always stayed focus to what the task at hand is. You always focused on business and did your job.

brad maddox and paige dating

Everybody is looking to create a story, everybody is looking for a comeup on your downfall. Ryback brutally attacked Maddox after the match. He claimed that he was not working for Punk but his actions were self-motivated.

WWE star Paige's sex tape with Brad Maddox leaked | Daily Mail Online

Maddox revealed his lifelong dream of becoming a WWE wrestler, but WWE continually rejected him, so he took up the chance to be a referee and attacked Ryback to make a name for himself to earn a contract to become a WWE wrestler.

Orton was attacked by the Shield after the match. Heyman had also instructed the Shield to attack Maddox. The Shield answered his challenge by brutally attacking him until John CenaSheamusand Ryback interfered.

McMahon and Triple H. But this could not be the case since there are other rumors that suggest that the couple is still together and are working out their issues. It's an on-going rollercoaster and apparently, they both want to remain strapped in. Apparently, they dated for a number of months while they were both together in WWE and their relationship was just as toxic as her current one with Del Rio.

Paige was just years-old when she was signed to WWE. She was then taken in by Maddox's charms and their relationship was not the happy one that many of the WWE Universe would imagine a normal functional relationship to be.

brad maddox and paige dating

She was suspended by WWE twice, she failed to win a championship, and then she appeared in the middle of a ring for a rival promotion, thus risking her job with WWE. Paige then underwent neck surgery without WWE's permission and has since been the victim of a hacking scandal.

brad maddox and paige dating

But WWE refuses to release Paige from her contract because they are currently in the process of making a film about her life starring The Rock and the company stand to make a lot of money from this. So for right now, Paige can do no wrong in WWE's eyes, but this could be a completely different story when the film is finally released. Del Rio then decided to negotiate his release from the company rather than continue his contract up to October.

brad maddox and paige dating