Are kurenai and asuma dating service

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are kurenai and asuma dating service

When Kakashi Hatake found the two together at a dumpling shop, he asked if they were on a date, which made Kurenai blush and made an excuse that she was. No discussion of hacks/3rd party pearl purchase services/anything Duration Date, Events . I'd love to see some sort of 6* Kurenai honestly, not that it's if the bandai put up a em or something for *6 kurenai and asuma. Explore christine geleen king's board "Asuma x Kurenai" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Naruto shippuden, Boruto and Naruto couples.

She also wears shorts, sandals and an armband with the Sarutobi crest emblazoned on it. Abilities Mirai is a capable kunoichi, whose regarded as an expert personal bodyguard, [3] from her acts of frequently escorting the Seventh Hokage.

She can use Fire Release to create a pillar of fire out of a small spark, and with Wind Releaseuse long-range techniques taught by Temari.

Kurenai Yūhi

She is able to use Demonic Illusion: Like her late father, Mirai prefers to fight at close-range, using her heirloom chakra blades to aid her in battle. She has shown great proficiency in physical combat, as Sarada's Sharingan was unable to find any actual weak points in her battle tactics.

are kurenai and asuma dating service

She is able to skillfully fight off multiple foes at once and simultaneously strike at them with each of her limbs. Shikamaru was greatly impressed by her and determined to come back alive after the incoming dangerous mission, in order to be her teacher sometime. Naruto the Movie Main article: Naruto the Movie On her second birthday, Mirai was visited by her father's studentswho gave her birthday gifts.

The Perfect Day for a Wedding Main articles: She has also pulled Akamaru's ears, with the latter surprisingly tamed. Later, she attends Hinata and Naruto Uzumaki 's wedding alongside her mother, where she gave the bride flowers. Being acquainted with Shikadai Nara since his birth, Mirai developed a sibling-like relationship with him since they both were being trained by his father Shikamaru Nara. She would regularly use Shikadai to experiment and improve on her genjutsu.

Straight after her promotion, she visited her father's grave to tell him of the news, where she encountered Shikamaru, who congratulated Mirai and handed her Asuma's chakra blades. Steam Ninja Scrolls Main article: Steam Ninja Scrolls Mirai leaving for her mission. After packing for the journey, she told her mother that she would be away for two to three days.

Graduation Exams Arc Main article: Graduation Exams Arc In the anime, when Sarada Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki were displeased with being put on the same genin teamthey were given the option to make a formal request to the Seventh Hokage to be reassigned.

During which, Naruto was in charge of a training session with the elite ninja of the village to better prepare for future attacks. Mirai was put in charge of making sure that no unauthorised individuals interrupted it. When the two genin came, Mirai refused to let them pass. Determined to be reassigned, Boruto and Sarada attacked. Despite being outnumbered, Mirai easily overcame their assault, exploiting their lack of synergy.

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When Mitsuki pointed out that the two were focusing too much on the other's actions, Sarada and Boruto readjusted themselves to better take advantage of the other's skill set while fight with their own individual style. Ultimately, they were able to knock Mirai off the bridge but Konohamaru saved her from falling by ensnaring her with a rope.

Ultimately, the two unhappy genin found a new appreciation for each other and instead moved on to ask the Hokage to be rebranded as the new Team 7.

Much to Mirai's annoyance however, the group forgot about her as they moved on to talk with the Hokage. Byakuya Gang Arc Main article: I Will Win This Bet! Asuma and Kurenai's Date" Naruto just smiled at the man and said, "It's nice!

Nice t-shirt along with nice pants. Anyway, Asuma-san, I'll be helping you with the date just in case. After all, I do want this to be a success. Kurenai finally arrived at 5: One minute before their scheduled time. She had been so occupied with changing and fixing up her hair that she'd almost forgotten the time.

Good thing she remembered.

are kurenai and asuma dating service

Right now, she was clad in a white tank-top which fit her so that her perfect figure was shown quite clearly. Along with the tank-top, she wore a dark red mini-skirt that reached down to her lower thighs. It revealed her legs perfectly. Team 8 and Naruto stared at the sight.

are kurenai and asuma dating service

Naruto blushed at the thoughts he was having but quickly shook them away. Having trained with the Ero-sennin for two and a half years had made him have some perverted thoughts once in a while. Asuma was staring at Kurenai all the while she walked toward him. Even when she was finally standing in front of him, he didn't say anything. Asuma looked sheepishly at Kurenai. Argh, why did he have to be told to say that? Was he really that nervous as not to think of saying such a thing?

Let's go see the movie. And by the way, you should eventually try to hold her hand, it's more romantic. Kurenai nodded in response so Asuma continued. It didn't really matter to her since she wasn't all that picky.

Damn, this was going to cost him a hell lot of money, but hey, it was a date. Even the sign indicated that the restaurant itself was a five-star. Half an hour later: They were now finished eating their meals, and both were full. Just like the restaurant's rating said, the food was delicious.

Kurenai and Asuma ordered two drinks not sake after dessert was served, which had been equally delicious. A few tables away, Kiba grumbled, "Ugh